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Hobble Creek Elementary Needs Your Help To Win $500

Mrs. Liz Porter

We need your help parents. There are a lot of Hobble Creek parents who do not know about our school website and facebook page. We need to get the word out that our school can earn $500 if our membership/likes to our social media increase. Please SHARE and encourage all your friends and neighbors to join. We would love to use that money to buy a better camera to take our students pictures with.

Why should you like us if your kids or relatives attend Hobble Creek?

-we post students of the week every Friday

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The Hobble Creek 3rd Grade Performed A Patriotic Musical

Mrs. Holly Brunt

The 3rd graders performed their program "We Love America" on Thursday night, March 9th. The last few weeks they've loved learning more about their country through music. One of their favorite songs was the Armed Forces Medley and What's More American. The students received a standing ovation at the end! 


Spotlight's Of The Week: Hobble Creek's 5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Liz Porter

We have terrific teachers here at Hobble Creek. This week we are spot lighting the 5th grade team. We are sad to announce that Ms. Sant will be retiring at the end of the school year and wish her the very best in wherever her new path takes her. Make sure to say hi over the next few months, she has had a big impact as a facilitator and teacher at our school over the last 14 years. She has received many awards over her many years as a teacher. Her favorite sport is football, she loves German chocolate cake and popcorn. She loves to laugh, read and watch movies.

Hobble Creek Book Fair Is Here March 14th - 16th, No School the 17th

Mrs. Liz Porter

Hey everyone, it's time again for the Hobble Creek book fair. There is a book for everyone and we would love to have you and your family come and look around. The theme is "Come read s'more"! The PTA has done a fantastic job setting up, decorating and providing dad's and donuts today for the whole school.

The book fair hours are:

Tuesday, March 14th 7:45am-3:45pm

Wednesday, March 15th 8:30am-3:45pm

Thursday, March 16th 8:30am-8:00pm SEP's

Mr. Stan Littlefield Retiring At The End Of The School Year

Mrs. Liz Porter

Mr. Littlefield has been at Hobble Creek Elementary since it opened over 14 years ago and has loved every minute of it. Everyone at Hobble Creek loves Mr. Littlefield and he will be sorely missed. Mr. Littlefield enjoys camping in his trailer with his family, going on trips, hunting, and spending time with his grandkids and adopted grandkids here at Hobble Creek. His favorite food is bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. His favorite season is Fall and he loves going to Yellowstone. When not at school he builds saddles and works with mules. Mr.

Hobble Creek Students of the Week: March 10, 2017

Mrs. Linda Baird


Here are the Hobble Creek students of the week for March 10, 2017. We think they are doing awesome here at school and want to recognize them for it. Way to go students!

Boston Heath, Bryan Lake, Maisyn Olsen, Zachary Broderick, Timothy Evans, JJ Thomas, Cassidy Southam, William Rex, Maurie Hartman, Yuki Inouye, Helaman Casuga, Isaac Marshall, Easton Mecham, Sarah Miyagi, Rylee Dawe, Jordan Freeman, Sulie Lauaki, Madison Galbraith, and Cooper Seamons