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Hobble Creek Students Win 1st and 6th Place at State Debate

James Chamberlain and Nathan Galbraith won the first place affirmative trophy at the Utah State Debate Meet on April 24 !
Savannah McCulloch and Kylie Christensen earned 6th place medals. Libby Anderson earned a speaker award.
Shyler Mecham, Mia Anderson, Alyssa Walker, Brooklyn Asbell, Kaylee Metler,Joseph Asay and Max Lee participated in the state meet. There were 120 students in the Elementary Division. The issue debated “BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE UTAH STATE GOVERNEMENT SHOULD PROVIDE A TAX CREDIT OR INCENTIVE TO UTAH BUSINESSES THAT PROVIDE THEIR EMPLOYEES WITH A PUBLIC TRANSIT PASS.”

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, April 17, 2015

photo Linda Baird

Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, April 17, 2015:  Hadlie Murdoch, Jasie Hawkes, Nash Moulton, Max Smith, Brynlee Hamilton, Olivia Wester, Lexis Hawkins, Weston LeBaron, Miles Browne, Quincy Gressman, Annie Rex, Ethan Flake, Natalie Hales, Wendy Griffin, Olivia Penrod, and Ryan Franks

Fifth Grade Wax Museum

Hobble Creek fifth grade students studied biographies of famous US citizens from each state.  They dressed up and prepared a short speech on their person to perform for students and parents. 

It Pays to Read!!!

Hobble Creek PTA gave the school a challenge to read 276,000 minutes which the students met and exceeded.  Students read over 330,000 minutes.  The award assembly featured vip guests: Miss Springville, Zach Griffin a player on the National para-basketball team, cheerleaders and basketball players from Maple Mountain and Springville High School, and Screech.  Students and their appointed helpers shot baskets to earn cash.  Prizes from water bottles, books, posters, t-shirts to Kindle Fires were handed out to students by drawing their names from their reading minutes.  

Kindy Indy

Kristen Ontiveros

The Kindergarten class got excited about learning as they visited the U.S. National monuments.