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1145 East 1200 North Street
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Phone: (801) 489-2863
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Students of the Week January 23,2015

Linda Baird

Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, January 23, 2015: Anya Gulley, Harrison White, Sadie Nelson, Kaitlyn Curis, Jocelyn Merrell, Emma Snapp, Sam Little, Haven Smith, Ethan McCulloch, Sampson McCausland, Porter Shelley, Megan Smith, Coral McKell, Samantha Brady, Madelynn Smith, Adam Curtis, Brooklyn Asbell, Lauren Watson, Zachary Johnson, Annabeth Templeman, Joseph Asay, and Calvin Merrell.

Ballet West Assembly

photo: Mr. Johnson

Ballet West performed for the school as a part of the POPS(Prefessional Organizations Performing in Schools)  program funded by the State Legislature.  They invited students to the stage to try leaps and turns. 

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, January 9, 2015

Linda Baird photo

Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, January 9, 2015:  Julia Campbell, Capree Jones Chet Jensen, Jameson Hess, Auderey Ricards, Nathan Anderson, Hayley Brimhall, Ellie Jenkins, Emily Lindsay, Jackson Kunz, Heather Rose, Benjamin Winward, Josh Morgan, Madelynn Smith, Emma Nilsson, Kylie Christensen, and Olivia Smith.

Hobble Creek Participates in Art Talks

Two art educators from the State Wide Art Partnership/Springville Museum of Art brought posters of artwork by Utah artist to Hobble Creek.  All of the students had a time to have a gallery experience, talking and observing the art. After school the faculty met to learn about the resources available at the museum.  Art Talks is funded by the Utah Legistor's line item.

Utah Water Color Traveling Exhibit in the Hobble Creek Halls

Utah Division of Arts and Museums

Select Watercolors from the Utah Watercolor Society Annual Exhibit

Now On View at Hobble Creek Elementary


Mapleton —― Hobble Creek Elementary presents, 2014 Utah Watercolor Society, a Utah Arts & Museums Traveling Exhibition, from January 5 through February 2 2015 at Hobble Creek Elementary  . The works in this exhibition illustrate the variety of ways that watercolors can be employed in painting.


Mrs. Gleason Helps us Cross the Street Safely

Every morning and afternoon of every school day Mrs. Gleason is at the corner to help students cross 1200 North safely. She has been at her post for twelve years. Mrs. Gleason has three rules to make sure of the safe crossings: 1. Wait for Mrs. Gleason to signal you to come across. 2. Do not follow her out into the street 3. Get off your scooter, board or bike and walk across the street. All of the Mapleton crossing guards have a meeting with the Mapleton Police twice a year, she is part of a city wide effort .