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The First Day of School

Hobble Creek Elementary is soaring off to a magical school year !
The school assembled at the end of the day to learn about the PTA Reflections contest "The World Would Be A Better Place If"...., entries are due October 4.
Mr.Johnson read a book about being extraordinary where one person's small kindness spread to 6 million people. This year the Hawks are going to soar to new heights of small acts that make our community a better place.

Sixth Grade Won!


The annual end of year kickball game against the teachers.  Mrs. McAfee and Mrs. Wayment deserve a high flyer for sliding into the bases.

Hobble Creek Students of the week May 23, 2014

Linda Baird photo

Lucy McCown, Savannah Oliver, Kanyon Sonnenberg, Natalie, Carter, Natalia Munoz, JoAnna McClellan, Jonny Van der Horst, Jasmin oung, Megan smith, Landon Willson, Karl Verhaaren, Jenny Darby, Megan Ridley, Lydia Rowe, Katie Porter, Drake Murdoch, Nate Galbraith, Grace Poulsen, Izzy Hixson, Rainy Call, Alli Joansen

Hobble Creek Choir Concert Wednesday May 21 7:00 pm


The choir performed two concerts for the student body.   The concert includes songs from Africa accompanied by Orff instruments, a medley from Mary Poppins/Saving Mr. Banks, a welsh lullaby sung in English and Welsh, a jazzy song, "Blue Skys" and a tongue twister.  Mrs. Thueson is the director of the before school choir.  The performance is excellent!