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Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide each student with
quality instruction, learning opportunities, and
educational environments which inspire
classroom success, personal excellence,
and responsible citizenship.


Hobble Creek Elementary School

1145 East 1200 North
Mapleton, Utah 84664
Telephone: 801-489-2863
Fax: 801-489-2868
Cafeteria Phone: 801 489-2878


School Schedule



8:55     Warning bell for school to start.  Come in and get ready to work.
9:00    School begins (late bell)
11:15   Morning kindergarten dismissed
11:10  Fifth grade goes to lunch
11:20   Fourth grade goes to lunch
11:30   Third grade goes to lunch
11:40   Second grade goes to lunch
11:50   First grade goes to lunch
12:00   Sixth grade goes to lunch 
11:45   Fifth grade comes in from lunch recess
11:55   Fourth grade comes in from lunch recess
12:05   Third grade comes in from lunch recess
12:15   Second grade comes in from lunch recess
12:25   First grade comes in from lunch recess
12:35  Sixth grade comes in from lunch recess
12:15   Afternoon kindergarten begins 
2:30    School Ends


Preschool Schedule

Mrs. Jenkins' Class-Monday - Thursday 8:30-10:40, 11:10-1:20
Miss Hatfield's Class-Tuesday- Friday 8:45-11:30, 11:45-2:30.


General Information

Policies of which to be aware


  •   If your child is absent, please call the school at 801-489-2863 before 9:15 AM on the day of the absence, stating the reason.  After 2 days, the absence is marked as unexcused.  Parents should contact teachers for missing work.
  •  A student who is more than 60 minutes late without excuse may be considered absent.
  • Parents will receive a Concern Letter, if their student has 5 unexcused absences.
  •  Parents will receive a Notice of Compulsory Education Violation, and meet with the principal, if their student has 10 days of unexcused absences.
  •  If a student missed 5 more days as unexcused, the Compulsory Education Violation is issued and parents are referred to the Utah County Attorney.  Nebo School District’s attendance policy can by located at


     Students should not arrive at school earlier than 30 minutes before the beginning of school.


     All students leaving school during the school day must check out in writing in the school office.  Please do not “short circuit” this important student safety effort by calling from your car to have a student dismissed or by having your student wait outside during the school day for you to pick them up.  Unless you are in a regularly scheduled carpool, please don’t take the child of someone else home without that parent’s knowledge and permission, and please record it at the office.

Birthday treats

     If parents choose to send treats to school, they must follow the guidelines of the Utah State Department of Health.  USDH regulations prohibit the serving of homemade treats to children at school.  If you choose to bring a birthday treat, they must be individually wrapped.   

Cousins and friends from out-of-town

     Occasionally out-of-town cousins or friends come to visit your home during the school year.  According to the Nebo School District policy, only students enrolled in our school are permitted to attend.

Financial contributions to our school

     Legislative and district funds are limited at our school.  Your help is needed to offer educational programs for your students.  Planning for the year will be based on the donations we receive at the beginning of each school year.  The suggested contribution amount for Nebo elementary schools is $30 per student.  Your contribution is confidential, tax deductible, appreciated, and very important.  All students will take part in every activity planned, regardless of donations.


     The Board of Education recognizes the importance of homework for students as an extension of learning activities.  Such homework should be purposeful, reasonable in amount and designated specifically to meet the needs of the learner.  Assigned homework should be carefully explained so the student has an understanding of expectations.  Students should be held accountable for completion of assigned homework as a part of class requirements.  Should you, as a parent, be asked to sign your child’s papers or check your child’s homework log, please do so as this provides on way for teachers to keep you informed of your child’s work.

Lost and found items

     To help return lost articles of clothing, etc., please put your child’s name on everything he or she brings to school.  Valuable and tiny articles are turned into the office.  Larger items are placed in the quiet room in the office.  Lost articles that are not claimed by the last day of each term will be donated to a charitable organization.


Should it be necessary to withdraw your child during the school year, please notify the office and his/her teacher as soon as possible. Checking out properly will do much to help with a smooth transition from one school to the next. Checking out includes the return of books and other school materials and making sure your school lunch account is current. Permanent records will be released only to the appropriate school upon their request.

School Improvement Plan

            We are happy to share our school-wide goals with our Hobble Creek families.  For a copy of these goals, please visit the Hobble Creek website and select the School Community Council link.


Student Behavior

Dress standards for students

     The district’s dress standard is as follows: “clothing shall be modest, neat, clean, in good repair and shall include shoes.  Modesty shall include covering shoulders, midriff and back.  Short shorts, tank tops, halter, crop tops or belly shirts, extremely short skirts or dresses do not meet the modesty standards in our schools.  Hats and caps shall not be worn during regular school hours.”

     The standard for short shorts and skirts is defined as covering at least half of the thigh.  Shoulders also need to be covered.  “Cap sleeves” are acceptable if they are long enough to cover the shoulder.

     Hair may not be colored (extreme colors, like colors of the rainbow) and any extreme cutting of the hair (Mohawks, cutting symbols or designs in the hair, etc.) is not allowed.

Recess and Proper Dress

Children need fresh air and exercise. Children should arrive at school dressed for the weather of the day. All children are expected to go outside for recess except in extreme conditions. If your child cannot participate for health reasons, please send a note.

Lunchroom Policies and Procedures

Students are expected to use good lunchroom manners. This will create a pleasant lunchroom environment. Conversation and quiet talking are permitted. Students should keep food on the tray and be sure that uneaten food gets put in the garbage. Running is not permitted in the lunchroom or halls. Students will go directly to the playground after eating. If it is storming or very cold students will be able to use the multipurpose room. Students may use the restrooms near the lunchroom. Students will not be allowed back to their classrooms during the lunch time.

Items Brought to School by Students

Students are not to bring items to school which will distract themselves or others from learning. Cell phones are highly discouraged. If a parent gives permission for a cell phone, it must be turned off and stored in the student’s backpack. All audio-type devices are not allowed at school (i.e. ipods, mp3 players, cd players, etc.)

Student Use of Phone

School phones are for school business. Students will be allowed to use the phone when ill, in case of an emergency, etc. Students will need a phone pass from their teacher to use the phone. Students will be denied the use of the phone to arrange after school plans.

Bicycles and heelies

     All bicycles are to be put in the bike rack upon arrival at school.  Bikes are not to be used during school hours.  Students should walk bikes while on school grounds and especially from one side of the crosswalk to the other side.  The school will cooperate in the investigation of theft or damage during school hours, but cannot be responsible for bikes left overnight.  Students are not allowed to play at the bike racks during the school day.  The same rule applies to scooters, skateboards, roller skates/blades, etc.

     For the safety of our boys and girls and to prevent wear and tear on our flooring, we do not allow “heelies” (shoes with wheels on the bottom of the shoe).

Discipline Policy

 Hobble Creek Elementary School believes that the behavior of students attending our school should reflect standards of good citizenship required of members in a democratic society. Self-discipline (responsibility for willingness to accept the consequences of one’s actions) is one of the most important, ultimate goals of education and the mark of a mature individual.

At Hobble Creek Elementary the students are expected to do the following:

School Wide Rules

Hobble Creek students choose to:

  • Keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
  • Show respect in language and action.
  • Stay on the school grounds during school hours.
  • Refrain from teasing others.

Assembly Rules

During assemblies Hobble Creek students choose to:

  • Enter and leave assemblies quietly.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Show appreciation appropriately.
  • Carry their chairs, rather than drag them.

Playground Rules

On the playground, Hobble Creek students choose to:

  • Refrain from throwing snowballs, ice, rocks, or similar objects.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • Play safely in assigned area.
  • Find an adult playground helper when needed.
  • Treat other students with kindness.
  • Stay away from the bike racks.
  • Refrain from rough play such as tackling another student.

Classroom Rules

  • Classroom rules are established by individual teachers and their students.

Hallway Rules

In the hallways, Hobble Creek students choose to:

  • Walk and talk quietly.
  • Treat the building with respect.
  • Look at, but not touch the work displayed on the walls.

Lunchroom Rules

In the lunchroom, Hobble Creek students choose to:

  • Enter in an orderly manner.
  • Use calm voices and have respectful manners.
  • Clean their area when they leave, and go directly outside.
  • Refrain from taking food from the lunchroom.
  • Quietly return to their classrooms on stormy days.

Restroom Rules

Hobble Creek students choose to:

  • Enter the restroom quietly.
  • Go/Flush/Wash
  • Leave the restroom clean.

Report Students

  • Report students who mistreat you or others to an adult!

All of our students have excellent behavior the vast majority of the time. Therefore, our main emphasis is to encourage positive student behavior through positive verbal reinforcement, and positive school programs. 


Hobble Creek Elementary Discipline Rubric



Hobble Creek Elementary School will be implementing a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support System this year in order to improve school-wide behavior and safety. As a school there are academic and behavioral expectations for each student. These expectations will be reinforced and corrected in a positive manner by using a tiered intervention system. Each Tier 2 & Tier 3 Intervention given will be documented and include communication with the parent or guardian. This may be done by phone call, email, school ticket or face to face visit.

Minor Offenses

  • Name calling

  • Teasing

  • Disrespectful attitudes/ behaviors

  • Making fun, mocking

  • Swearing

  • Spreading rumors

  • Inappropriate notes

  • Play fighting, horse-playing, kicking, pushing

  • Throwing snow/ice

  • Academic & Behavioral Non-compliance

  • Any others determined by faculty & administration

  • Cyber bullying

Minor offenses 



1st Offense

2nd Offense

3rd Offense

Chronic Offender

Chronic Offender STILL




Verbal Warning, Apology   

(verbal or written)

Behavior Reflection Form & Parent Contact


Behavior Reflection Form & Parent Contact

Refer to Skill Bldg.



Ticket. Meet with Mr. Johnson.

half-day ISS. Principal contacts parents.  



Ticket. Meet with Mr. Johnson.

Full Day ISS. Principal contacts parents.

      *In School Suspension



Major Offenses

  • Vulgar/profane language

  • Fighting

  • Aggressive behavior inappropriate for school

  • Intention to harm/hurt

  • Stealing

  • Sexual offenses

  • Safe School Violation (Illegal activities, possession of fake or real weapon)


  • Harassment (major)

  • Destroying or damaging property (vandalism)

  • Accumulation of minor offenses

  • Any others determined by faculty & administration

Major Offenses



1st Offense

2nd Offense

3rd Offense



Behavior Reflection Form, Administrative Referral,

Home Suspension

**Up to 1 day**

Behavior Reflection Form, Administrative Referral,

Home Suspension

**Up to 3 days**

Behavior Reflection Form,

Administrative Referral, Home Suspension

**Up to 5 days**



Our philosophy is that teacher must be able to teach and students must be able to learn. The following rules are serious enough that when they are broken, parents will be notified and students may also be temporarily suspended from school and/or activities.

  • Safe School Violations – arson, burglary, stealing, battery (fighting and/or a punch connecting with someone else’s body), criminal mischief, intimidation, verbal abuse (swearing, foul language and any inappropriate language and gestures), illegal activities, leaving school grounds without permission and possessing weapons or facsimiles.
  • Violation of the Drug and Alcohol/Tobacco Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Violations- This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    Derogatory or offensive jokes, teasing, or comments of a sexual nature
    Graphic remarks or sexual comments about an individual’s body
    Sexually suggestive or obscene telephone calls, letters, notes or invitation
    Sexually suggestive or obscene pictures, cartoons, posters, or objects
    Grabbing, pinching, or touching of private areas
    Deliberate cornering, shouldering or bumping in hallways
    Sexual gestures, unwanted pats, or hugs, or any unwanted touching
    Any form of sexual threat, intimidation, or exploitation
    Spreading of sexual rumors
    Actual or attempted assault
    Sexist remarks or gender-based stereotyping
    Pantsing male or female students, flipping up girls’ dresses, etc.

Parents will be notified by phone when misbehavior is of a serious nature. If necessary a meeting will be set up with the parents, the student, the teacher or the principal to discuss appropriate measures to help students change their behaviors. Suggestions may include, but are not limited to counseling, Skill Building, loss of school privileges, parent conferences or parent attendance at school or school activities, transfer to alternative class or placement, or out of school suspension and home counseling. Actions determined to be criminal will be reported to the Pupil Services Department and/or law enforcement authorities.

All students are entitled to appropriate due process in all matters of school discipline and students will not be questioned by law enforcement officers without the permission of a parent.

Our main goal is to teach students proper respect for authority and property, to foster good citizenship and to promote high personal standards of courtesy, decency, morality, clean language, honesty, and wholesome relationships with others.

Special Note: Students will be disciplined in a manner that takes into consideration disabilities or other problems they may have.


School Lunch


     The following rules of health and safety have been set up in the lunchroom to protect your child and to see that he or she has a pleasant experience at lunch.

  • Enter the lunchroom in an orderly manner (walk)
  • Students may sit where they choose
  • Students must stay seated until they are finished eating
  • No throwing/shooting food. Touching food of others, or trading/taking food
  • No food or drink is to be taken from the lunchroom

Breakfast prices:  Students are $1.50, reduced price is 30 cents, and adults are $2.00

Lunch prices:  Students are $2.00, reduced 40 cents, and adults are $4.00

Lunch Options

School lunch is available beginning the first day of school and is served every school day. If you prefer, your child may bring a lunch from home. Please put the students’ name on the lunch container. Students may also go home for lunch if the teacher is notified in writing.

Breakfast Policy

Breakfast is available the first day of school and is served every school day. Students eating breakfast should be to school 15 minutes before the bell rings. Students eating breakfast will remain in the cafeteria while they eat, and will then go directly to their classrooms.

Paying for Lunch

Nebo School Lunch is a separate entity from the school. Please make payments for school lunch to Larsen Lunch Department. Our lunch clerk is Rusti Welch. Her phone at school is 489-2878. If you send money or a check to school to pay for lunch, please place it in an envelope with the student’s name.

 Free/Reduced Meals

Applications for Free or reduced lunch are handled at the District Office, 350 South Main in Spanish Fork. For more information call Nebo Food Service, 354-7438. 

Health and Safety

Accidents and Illness

 Whenever an accident/illness of a serious nature occurs, we do all we can to contact parents. If we are unsuccessful, we will notify your emergency numbers. Under no circumstances do we send a child home unless the parent or person listed as emergency contact gives us permission.


 In compliance with state law, all students enrolled in a public school must have a completed immunizations form on file before admission to school. If you have any questions concerning this, regulations please contact the Utah County Health Department at 370-8725.


 School personnel cannot give children medication unless a Medication Administration Release Form has been completed by the physician. These forms are available in the office. Students may be given a non-aspirin pain reliever when given permission by the parents.

Emergency Contact Numbers

 Many times during the school year it becomes necessary to contact parents during the school day. Please make sure that current information is on file in the office. All numbers are kept confidential and are for school use only.

Going to and from School

 Please establish a pattern for coming to/from school. Encourage your child to meet at a specified spot, walk with a sibling/friend, obey traffic rules, take the safest most direct route, walk on sidewalk, look before crossing, cross only at corners, and refuse offers from strangers.

Safe Walking Routes

Major disasters

     In the event of a major disaster affecting the entire community, students will be held at the school.  Unless otherwise notified, we will release students only to responsible adults listed on your “General Information Card.”  Your child will not be released to a friend or neighbor not on the card.  KSL radio 1160 AM is our Emergency Broadcast System.  It will announce when school is closed due to inclement weather, etc.  We will also contact you using our Parent Link System.  It is crucial that you regularly visit your icampus account and update your information.

In case the building is considered unsafe to enter after an emergency, our secondary

 emergency location is at Mapleton Jr. High and then the LDS church on 400 east.

Open Enrollment Notification

Early Enrollment is the primary process students must follow to be able to transfer from their assigned school/program to another school/program. The Early Enrollment option is available only to in-district resident students and out-of-district nonresident students whose custodial parent(s) or legal guardian(s) live in the State of Utah. Early Enrollment allows a student to enroll in and attend a school in Nebo School District other than the school in which boundaries he/she resides. To determine which schools/programs are open or closed to Open Enrollment, please refer to "Information" on the Nebo School District Web site,, and click on "Open Enrollment."

Prior to November 30th, the district shall designate which schools, grades, and programs will be available for Early Enrollment during the coming school year. Early Enrollment applications are accepted beginning December 1st through the third Friday in February. After the third Friday in February, no further applications will be accepted. Applications for elementary students must be submitted to the Elementary Education Department at the district office along with a five dollar ($5.00) processing fee. Applications for secondary students must be submitted to the Secondary Education Department at the district office along with a five dollar ($5.00) processing fee. Notification as to whether the Early Enrollment application is accepted or denied will be given within six (6) weeks after receipt of the application or by March 31st, whichever is later. Approved applicants will be enrolled in the requested school/program beginning the coming school year. Students transferring schools under the Early Enrollment procedures are committed to attend the non-resident school for a period of one (1) year. Early Enrollment application forms will be available at the Elementary Education Department or Secondary Education Department at the district office or online at

Students who miss the Early Enrollment deadline may submit an application for Late Enrollment. Late Enrollment applications are accepted after the third Friday in February. Applications for elementary students must be submitted to the Elementary Education Department at the district office along with a five dollar ($5.00) processing fee. Applications for secondary students must be submitted to the Secondary Education Department at the district office along with a five dollar ($5.00) processing fee.

When considering Late Enrollment applications for the next school year in secondary schools (which applications are filed at the district office after the third Friday in February through May 31st), notification of acceptance or denial of the application will be given no earlier than June 1st and no later than June 15th. For Late Enrollment applications which are filed at the district office after June 1st, notification of acceptance or denial of the application will be given no earlier than August 1st and no later than the Friday before the new school year begins. When considering Late Enrollment applications for the next school year in elementary schools (which applications are filed at the district office after the third Friday in February), notification of acceptance or denial of the application will be given no earlier than August 1st and no later than the Friday before the new school year begins. Approved applicants will be enrolled in the requested school/program beginning the coming school year. Students transferring schools under the Late Enrollment procedures are committed to attend the non-resident school for a period of one (1) year. Late Enrollment application forms will be available at the Elementary Education Department or Secondary Education Department at the district office or online at


 In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, qualified individuals needing reasonable accommodations (including auxiliary communication aids and service) should contact the principal of this school or the Nebo School District ADA Coordinator, Mr. Cary Bailey, telephone number 354-7400, or the Utah Relay System (1-800-346-4128).

     Please inform us at least 3 days prior to the activity.

Nebo School District

Non-Discrimination Policy

     “It is the policy of Nebo School District not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religious creed or handicap in its educational programs, activities, admissions, access, treatment or employment practices.”  Any person or student who feels a need to challenge the district’s adherence to that policy may do so by directing their concerns to the principal or the director of elementary schools.  If a person or student is still not satisfied, concerns may be directed to the district compliance officer, Mrs. Ann Anderson, at 350 South Main Street, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660.  Call 354-7400.