Hobble Creek Elementary entrance

1145 East 1200 North Street
Mapleton, UT 84664-3907
Phone: (801) 489-2863
Fax: (801) 489-2868
School Begins: 9:00 AM
School Ends: 2:30 PM Mondays; 3:15 PM Tuesdays-Fridays

Hobble Creek Elementary Breakfast and Lunch ONLINE ORDER

Submitted by michael.johnson on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 11:22
Mike Johnson

If you are participating in REMOTE learning or your child is quarantined due to COVID, please fill this out separately for each student.  This form needs to be submitted to the school by 9:00 each day.  Qualifying students must be enrolled in Nebo School District.  Pick up lunch orders are main dish only.  Today’s menu can be found on your school’s website.  Food should be picked up at this school’s main office at 10:45-11:00 am each day.



Submitted by carol.day on Fri, 09/14/2012 - 15:22
photo: Bailey Monson

Student  Neighborhood Access ProgramThere is growing concern about the safety of children who walk or bike to school. Fewer children walking and biking to school today has resulted in increased traffic congestion around schools and decreased the number of healthy activities children participate in.

Hobble Creek Students of the Week September 7 14 2012

Submitted by carol.day on Fri, 09/14/2012 - 14:12
photo Pamela Schultz
sept 14.jpg

The pictured students were Hobble Creek Elementarys STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on September 14, 2012:  Isabella Properzi, Kennedi McClean, Briance Terpenning, Matthew Rex, Megan Smith, Wesley Brunt, Janae Scott, Isabelle Moosman, Teuila Nawahine, Anna Rex, Zachary Johnson, Madison Walker, Grace Dawe, Sage Loveland, Tyler Holloway, Heather Badger, Corbin Webster, Allie Warner, Timothy Shorts, Cedar Madson, and Trent Stepp.

Hobble Creek 6th grade Orchestra

Submitted by carol.day on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 15:00
photos by Carol Day

Mrs. Knight has begun the before school orchestra class for sixth grade students.  Students are learning how to hold their instruments and have begun playing notes!  Mrs. Knight will skillfully lead them from their beginning point of today to music played at their Christmas concert in December. 

Hobble Creek Students of the Week September 7 2012

Submitted by carol.day on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 13:07
photo Pamela Schultz
Soweek Sept 7.jpg

Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on September 7, 2012:  Elsa Christensen, Olivia Smith, Avery Sorenson, Easton Mousser, Mary Ribble, Jack Lambert, Nathan Christiansen, Paityn Bird, Ayden Christensen, Jared Jameson, Libby Anderson, Makayla Ruff, Ammon Morrill, David Wilson, Wendy Griffin, Missy Miles, Abby Garrett, Eldon Van Orman, Spencer Ercanbrack, Nick Lape, Brandon Gordan, and Emma Templeman.

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK August 31, 2012

Submitted by carol.day on Mon, 09/03/2012 - 14:11
Pamela Schultz
HC student of the week 8:2012.jpg

Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on August 31, 2012:  Heidi Weidman, Drew Littledike, Kaylee Peden, Ella Dawe, Max Smith, Brooklyn Jensen, McKenzie Mortensen, Nicole Cragun, Ashleigh Mousser, Braxton Carter, Avery Frischknecht, Carson Brunt, Rylan Taylor, Cooper Magleby, Katelyn Gehring, Jacob Richey, Samantha Snyder, Annika Christensen, Averee Leslie, and Chance McCausland.

Community Council Member Needed

Submitted by sabrina.huyett on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 15:11

We need one new parent representative to serve on our School Community Council.  This is a two year commitment with meetings held once a month to discuss school funding and policies.  If you are interested, will you please email Mr. Johnson by the end of this week.


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