November 2012

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on November 16, 2012

photo Pamela Schultz
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 STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on November 16, 2012:  Matthias Nawahine, Rebekah Jensen, Rachel Miyagi, Kayla White, Madelyn Warren, Olivia Larsen, Lyndsay Vineyard, Carter Griffin, Zivia Ouzounian, Chloe Ekker, Shyler Mecham, Kayte Conners, Anna Bird, Emily Porter, Andrew Jensen, Aubrey Nissen, Lilli Holmberg, Kelsey Owens, Ali Jenkins, Emme Smith, and Makenzi Jensen

Hobble Creek Elementary STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on November 9, 2012

photo Pamela Schultz
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Hobble Creek Elementary STUDENTS OF THE WEEK  on November 9, 2012:  Sydney Jackson, Ethan Asay, Will Davis, Savannah Jenni, Cutler Christensen, Ethan Christiansen, Tyler Christensen, Jared McClellan, Jenny Darby, Eliza Jackson, Brayden Adamson, Jeremy Shoell, Morgan Dean, Abbie Rowe, Madison Henderson, Katie Rex, Jose Dungan, David Ruiz, Timothy Hart, and Jaden Christensen.

Hobble Creek Students of the Week November 1, 2012

photo Linda Baird
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Natalia Munoz, Ethan Asay, Hallie Johnson, Olivia Webster, Austin Lovell, Kalena Buehler,Everett Fairbourne, Bridge Murdock, Kylie Christensen, Ethan Flake, Calvin Merrell, Ella Conners, Makenzi Thomas, Alexi Corfield, Cooper Littledike, Olivia Nilsson,Payton Murphy, Yanzhu Chen, Chloe Burns, Sara Estes, and Chloe Hendry.

Hobble Creek Students participate in Day of Dance

Act III at BYU

Students from Rees Elementary, Mapleton Elementary and Hobble Creek Elementary participated in the dance and the Child International (daCi) Day of Dance "Stories That Move Us" on Saturday November 3, 2012.  The day began with a Native American grass dance by Rees students and a pioneer story acted out by Hobble Creek students narrated by Lora Schmidt.  The students learned a hip hop slam poetry dance, a folk dance, and played at creative drama or musical theatre with storyteller Lora Schmidt, and professors from BYU, U of U and UVU.  They also created a dance to share with the whole