February 2017

Maple Mountain Baseball Visited The 5th Grade Hobble Creek Classes Yesterday

Miss Sara Beth Johnson


A Hugh Thank You to the Maple Mountain Baseball players who took time to visit our school and introduce theirselves yesterday. They helped out the 5th graders with their book club and were an audiance for their play.  Here is what two of the students had to say about their visit.

A Fun Time With Baseball Players

By: Rebekah Wall

Hobble Creek Elementary's Red Ribbon Week-February 6-10, 2017: “Good Choices Keep Us Drug Free”

Mrs. Cathy Gleason

                         Red Ribbon Week: February 6-10, 2017 

 Theme: Throughout the week your child will participate in activities which will promote a drug free lifestyle.

Monday:  Kick-Off Assembly at 9:15am.  Our assembly will feature Wendy Gourley, a professional storyteller.