April 2017

Hobble Creek Students of the Week: April 14, 2017

Mrs. Linda Baird

Here are the student "Hawks" who made student of the week for April 14, 2017. Wesley Broughton, Mya Gilbert, Beckett Mickelson, Nathan Marshall, Ella Scott, Brinley Cherrington, Alijah Marks, Logan Radford, Audrey Richards, Peter Hagen, Barbara Torro, Caleb Tuckett, Rebekah Jensen, Lily Lee, Carter Griffin, Weston LeBaron, and Brody Colton.

We appreciate your hard work in school and kindness to others. Great job Hawks!

Mrs. Alison Snow Receives the Crystal Apple Award for 2017

Mr. Mike Johnson

The Crystal Apple Award is an "Excellence in Education" Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding individuals in the education field who are dedicated to the success of our students. Exceptional principals, assistant principals, teachers, classroom assistants, office and school staff in our communities deserve recognition and praise for their hard work in schools each and every day. The Crystal Apple Awards are a way to show appreciation to these individuals.

Hobble Creek Kindergarten Classes Had A Fun And Creative "Kindy Indy"

Mrs. Cathy Gleason

Wow, what a lot of time and effort went into making so many great cars for our Kindergarten classes "Kindy Indy" this year. We loved seeing all the students in their homemade cars accelerating around Hobble Creek before spring break in March.

Great work students and parents!