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September 2017

Another Chromebook Cart!

Submitted by sarabeth.johnson on Fri, 09/01/2017 - 15:00
Collin Anderson, Abigail Peay, Sara Beth Woods
Another Chromebook Cart!

The 5th grade is getting good use out of its second chromebook cart!  Here's what two fifth graders have to say about using chromebooks...

Collin Anderson--

I like the fact that we are using Chromebooks in fifth grade.  They are fun to use and very handy when doing research.  The fact that they are fun to use even when doing something that isn’t as fun.  They also are portable unlike the computers in the computer lab which makes it easy to get in groups.  I think that if I were to rate it from one to ten, I’d give it about a twenty-five.


Abigail Peay--


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