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Brigham Young University’s Young Company Presented theThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow

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Brigham Young University’s Young Company Presented theThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow on October 23 in two assemblies.

The production is based on a short story of the same name written by the early-

19th-century American Author, Washington Irving (whose biography can be found on page 6). The adaptation was written by Teresa Love, who also directed the play. Love has had decades of experience with Theatre for Young Audiences in the capacities of director, producer, playwright, and teacher. She co-founded two Los Angeles-based Theatre in Education companies and has written over 40 plays for children. She currently teachesat Brigham Young University.


Set in a quiet New England town, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow tells the story of a gangly, superstitious schoolteacher, Ichabod Crane. Ichabod, well-versed in gentlemanly arts, attempts to win the hand of the lovely Katrina Van Tassel. However, this puts him at odds with the village rogue, Bram Bones, who plays pranks on Ichabod in retaliation. After a party at the Van Tassels’, Ichabod has a supernatural encounter with the Headless Horseman and is never seen or heard from again.


Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been called one of, if not the most, famous American ghost stories. Just like Washington Irving’s original tale, our play adaptation

focuses on the practice of storytelling.


Human beings have told stories for a long, long time. The first stories brought communities together and were passed down from generation to generation. Storytelling has served many

purposes throughout human history. Stories are told to entertain, to teach, to make us think about life or to pass on traditions or beliefs.