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Doug Osmond Assembly

Submitted by on Fri, 12/13/2013 - 15:59

Doug Osmond gave the 3rd-6th grade students a presentation on th Michael Vey book series.  He talked about the success of the books, about Heros and 5 rules for success. H: Honesty, E: Enlightened, R: Respectful, O:Obedient

1. Shut off the TV, video games. The average millionarie watches 8 hours of TV a week.  2. Read!  Readers are the Leaders 3. none of us are entitltled to anything. 4. Work hard learn to love work. 5. Don't let someone elses opiniion of you become your reality.

He engaged the students and had a few come up to play a game about popular books like the Michael Vey , Hary Potter, and Percy Jackson series.