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Hobble Creek Choir

Submitted by on Fri, 11/20/2015 - 09:41
Brooklyn text, Miss Johnson photo


        I really liked being in the Hobble Creek Children's Choir.  It was fun singing songs in other languages.  We also sang a spooky Halloween called The Ghost of John, we added in sound effects, for example, we rubbed our hands together, snapped, and whistled so it sounded like the wind.  It was one of my favorite songs in the whole concert!  There was also a African song called Nampaya Omame.  Some sixth graders went to rehearsals during lunch and learned a song one the drums that the choir sung along with and it sounded really cool, I really liked that one also!  Another song that we sang is Tribute about the armed forces.  It included The Navy, The Army, The Air Force, The Marine Corp, and The Coast Guard.  It represents our country! So overall we sang songs in other languages, songs that represent our country, a spooky Halloween song.

It is really fun to practice songs, you get to see how singing works. We get together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00.  When we get there we warm up our voices, Mrs. Thueson tells us about anything that is happening that day, then we just run through our songs and fix our mistakes until 8:55. It is surprising  how much work it takes to put together a song, but in the end, it is really cool and it is lots of fun to sing and perform for people.  I think that singing is really fun and people should do it more often. I love choir and Mrs. Thueson is a great choir director and she has an AWESOME talent for music! Those are just some of the things that we do in Hobble Children’s Choir!