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Hobble Creek Elementary Needs Your Help To Win $500

Submitted by liz.porter on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 13:03
Mrs. Liz Porter

We need your help parents. There are a lot of Hobble Creek parents who do not know about our school website and facebook page. We need to get the word out that our school can earn $500 if our membership/likes to our social media increase. Please SHARE and encourage all your friends and neighbors to join. We would love to use that money to buy a better camera to take our students pictures with.

Why should you like us if your kids or relatives attend Hobble Creek?

-we post students of the week every Friday

-we post upcoming events going on at Hobble Creek

-we post pictures of classes and students during school events

-we highlight teachers and staff so you can get to know them better (did you know 5 are retiring this year?)

We can increase our membership with your help, please share today!