Hobble Creek Elementary's Red Ribbon Week-February 6-10, 2017: “Good Choices Keep Us Drug Free”

Mrs. Cathy Gleason
Students last year wearing red

                         Red Ribbon Week: February 6-10, 2017 

 Theme: Throughout the week your child will participate in activities which will promote a drug free lifestyle.

Monday:  Kick-Off Assembly at 9:15am.  Our assembly will feature Wendy Gourley, a professional storyteller.

Students will bring home a note asking parents to have a discussion about choices students can make to be drug free.  Students who return the note, signed by the parent and student, will be entered for prizes drawn throughout the week. 

Tuesday: “All Out Red!”  Wear lots of Red.  Please no hair colors.  

Wednesday:  “Team Up Against Drugs” Students can wear their team jerseys, shirts, hats etc.

Thursday:  “Head to Toe, Drug Free” Wear your crazy hat, crazy hair or crazy socks. (This is not to stress you out parents, this is a choice for the students to decide which one they will do, not all)

Friday:  “Hobble Creek Hawks, Choose To Be Drug Free” Students will wear their school spirit colors.

Parents, please take time to talk to your children about what they have learned this week about being drug free and what your expectaions are for your children to stay drug free.