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Libby Anderson Daily Herald's Student of the Week

Submitted by on Wed, 11/18/2015 - 15:20
Daily Herald

Libby Anderson, 11, from Mapleton attends sixth grade at Hobble Creek Elementary and was chosen to be honored as the Daily Herald's Student of the Week.  At her school, Libby participates in Student Council as a class representative and wants to give back to her school by honoring school policies and being an example of kindness, respect and valuing education.  “If you give back to your school and community, you make it a better place," she said. "If you are just a taker, you aren’t improving the world you live in."  She is known to be kind, hardworking and friendly. She enjoys soccer, piano, basketball, choir and debate.

This summer, Libby and some friends put on a week-long soccer clinic for kids ages 4–8 for a minimal fee to help pay for their summer soccer tournaments. They printed and delivered fliers, set up nets at the park each day, purchased popsicles and taught some great soccer skills. The parents and kids thought it was a week well spent and hope they do it next year. Libby is a believer in keeping our city clean. She hops on her red golf cart each week to take paper and cardboard recycling material to the bins. Since the bins are in a windy area of Mapleton, the paper and cardboard blow around the school property and neighboring yards. She cruises around and picks up the litter.

Libby wants to work in a medical or nursing field and volunteer in her community like her grandfather, Andy Shelline, who was always giving back and believed in community service.