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Miss Huyett's Class Charity Talent Show

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African Dance
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Trista and the Breakers
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Tue Tue directed by Mrs. Hollenbach
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Miss Huyett
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Pitch Perfect cup game
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Twins Compromise Dance
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Miss Huyett's 5th grade class put on a talent show to raise money for Global Outreach Alliance (GOA), a non-profit organization that helps people in Africa.  Some of GOA's projects include:  scholarships for education, school building, house building, well building, and cow breeding.  The students will split the money raised among their favorite projects.  The students conducted research about the GOA projects, made survival bracelets, developed a talent to share, and were the emcee's for the talent show.  They will also be writing persuasive letters to local businesses and prominent people to raise more funds. 

Last year Miss Huyett's 4th grade calss raised $2498 for Charity Water, providing 125 people in Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, and Nepal with clean water.  They learned that together we can make a difference in the world. 

One of the students was heard saying, " I don't want it to end.  I like doing this.