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Miss Sant a Hobble Creek Treasure

Submitted by on Thu, 02/04/2016 - 10:39

Miss Sant helped start up Hobble Creek Elementary and has been a smiling intrigal part of the school since the begining.  She is always ready to help her fellow teachers with ideas and wisdom to see a project through to success. She has taken many classes in math and earned a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning.    She likes pink , Italian food, popcorn.  One of her favorite songs is Expedition by Kurt Bestor.  She likes winter because of the snow and wrapping up in a warm quilt.  Her favorite subject is social studies especially U.S. History.  She likes to read, be with her family, go to movies, collect dolls, attend plays and concerts, having dinner with friends, traveling, listening to music, crossword puzzles and needle work.  Her favoite place to go is home or wherever there is family.  She says that it's funny, but she spends a  lot of time picking herself up from falling, in bowling alleys, at BYU, at kickball games, reading group corners, public, stairways.  She is grounded.  She wants to be remembered as someone who cared for others and was kind.

Her students say this about her: Miss Sant is my favorite because she lets us do silent reading and it's fun, She doesn't give homework, she is super nice,  she helpledme get better at math, she does lots of second chances, always happy, She makes school so fun