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Mrs. Karen Warren Is The Hobble Creek Classified Employee of the Year

Submitted by liz.porter on Wed, 05/17/2017 - 09:55
Mrs. Kristen Ontiveros
Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Warren, and Mrs. Ontiveros

Karen Warren, our assistant secretary here at Hobble Creek, was awarded the Classified Employee of the Year award May 15, 2017

Karen was born and raised in Springville. Her parents are Clyde and Kathleen Gabbitas. After graduating from Springville High School Karen started working at Central Bank and then in 1992 she married Ryan Warren. They lived in Springville for 6 years until 1998 when they moved to Mapleton.

Karen has 4 children, Sarah 11, Lexy 14, Austin 17, and Sabrina 20. Sabrina is currently serving a mission in Rancagua Chile for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   She has always been involved with her kids and school, whether it be volunteering in the classrooms or on the PTA. Karen loves to read, ski, watch movies, go out to eat, go on vacation. She enjoys camping and spending time in the mountains as long as she can stay in a trailer, which we don’t have. Her favorite place to eat is Joe Bandidos where she gets the chicken chimichanga every time. Her favorite candy is black Twizzlers and Necco wafers. She loves Dr. Pepper. 

Christmas is her favorite holiday and she loves to setup little forests and Christmas decorations throughout the house, along with listening to Christmas music. She can’t wait for the Christmas season to begin each year. After being a stay at home mom for nearly 15 years she decided it was time to jump back into the workforce. While she wanted to go back to work, she still wanted to be accessible and at home when the kids came home from school or needed to be ran to appointments. She loved volunteering in the classrooms and working with the teachers and staff at Hobble Creek, and decided that is where she would like to try to get a job. After missing out on a couple of opportunities, she was able to be hired by Mr. Johnson as the Computer Tech aid, she fell in love with working with and getting to know all of the students.

Karen is very dedicated, determined, and a hard worker. She always pays attention to details. She is easy to get along with and enjoys working with others. Karen is grateful for the friendships and opportunity she has to work at Hobble Creek and associate with all the wonderful teachers, students, and staff.  She is especially thankful to Mr. Johnson for giving her this opportunity and Linda Baird for taking the time to mentor her, show her the ropes, and train her on her responsibilities. She truly loves going to work each day and working with such wonderful people. She loves being a Hobble Creek Hawk!