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Mrs. Mary Lynne York To Retire At The End Of The School Year

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 04/28/2017 - 15:19
Mrs. Liz Porter

We have a wonderful 3rd grade teacher here at Hobble Creek who has decided to retire at the end of the school year. She has taught many students here in Mapleton city and will be missed.



Mrs. York has taught for 22 years, 19 of them in Third Grade.  She started her career at Sage Creek Elementary as an intern, spent 7 years at Mt. Loafer Elementary in Salem, and 14 years at our own Hobble Creek Elementary.  

Mrs. York says she will miss almost everything about school, the kids, and all the employees of Hobble Creek.  She can’t decide what her favorite subject is, because she loves math as much as history and she loves to read in much of her spare time.  She has also loved teaching health, social studies and science. She also has loved when the students start to “get her jokes”.

Some of the “Mrs. Yorkisms” include “If you learn to happily do all kinds of work, you’ll be happy all the days of your life.”  But, besides having big dreams and visions for her students to accomplish in school, she has enjoyed planning things that delight and refresh the kids.  She says, “If the kids can’t get some fresh air, exercise and have a little fun at recess, you might as well forget wanting them to scale the Mt. Everests of education.”  So, she liked to include a lot of music, art, reader’s theatres, and as much fun as she could.  She said, “I love and appreciate, so much, all the kids throughout the years, who have worked so hard for me, and for themselves and their own futures.

Her last words of advice are:  “Students can accomplish any goals and dreams they have, if they just keep taking one step at time.  We need to work together and keep trying to find ways to motivate them and bridge the gaps, so they can achieve and accomplish their best."

We wish you well on your new retirement adventures Mrs. York. Come back and visit from time to time.