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Nebo School District Elementary Debate

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/26/2012 - 10:01
Carol Day
Affirmative Placers
Affirmative Speaker Awards
Negative Placers
Negative Speaker Awards

Thirty two students from Hobble Creek  Elementary participated in the Nebo Elementary Debate on March 21 2012.  Hobble Creek was the host school.  Students from Mapleton Elementary , Brockbank Elementary and Ranches Academy also participated.
    Hobble Creek students who placed: First Place affirmative team was Leah Ribble and Elizabeth Rex, second place affirmative team was Tiffany Asay and Sophie McCausland, fourth place affirmative team was Ethan Blackett and Silas Miller, 7th place affirmative team was Samantha Smith and Makenzi Jensen, 8th place affirmative was Cate Wayment and Rylie Hinds, fifth place negative team was Samara Lessley and Eliza Krizer.
   Hobble Creek students who earned speaker awards for their individual performance were: Cameron Dorny, Jacob Myers, TJ Hart, Luke Durden, Elizabeth Rex, Leah Ribble, Sophie McCausland, Tiffany Asay, Silas Miller, Kelsey Corfield, Ethan Blackett, Rylie Hinds, Samantha Smith.
   The resolution debated this year was Resolved that the state of Utah provide incentives for the increased production and consumption of local foods to improve air quality and reduce energy use.
    Debate is a way to develop the ability to speak fluently in front of an audience,  consider both sides in making a decision and become an informed active citizen.