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Scientist Assembly for 5th Grade at Hobble Creek!

Submitted by leann.miller on Thu, 12/14/2017 - 09:10
Isaac Marshall, Alyssa Ashton, Sara Beth Johnson

5th Grade Reaction Time by Isaac Marshall

A couple days ago a scientist came in for a assembly to told about different types of matter and do some experiments.

One of my favorite experiments he did was when he mixed a lot of things in a huge glass container. After he put in the last ingredient, it foamed up and then overflowed and got all over. Another one that I liked was when he put different powders on three small glass plates with a tiny bit of alcohol he lit it on fire. The different fires were red, green, and amber. My favorite experiment that he did was he put two liquids in a bottle and it grew huge and created a solid. It was so cool!

After the assembly the classes took turns going into a classroom and doing experiments ourselves. When we came in we got split into several groups.  Each group had goggles for everybody  and six testing tubes and chemicals. We took turns mixing different chemicals and writing it down. I thought this was really fun because we got to participate and actually use chemicals and have fun mixing them together. When everybody was done, we mixed all five chemicals.  The result was that it exploded.  It was awesome!