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Spotlight's Of The Week: Hobble Creek's 5th Grade Teachers

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 10:36
Mrs. Liz Porter
Mrs. Brandi Wayment
Ms Janet Sant
Mrs. Samantha Wilson
Ms. Sara Beth Johnson
5th Grade Teachers

We have terrific teachers here at Hobble Creek. This week we are spot lighting the 5th grade team. We are sad to announce that Ms. Sant will be retiring at the end of the school year and wish her the very best in wherever her new path takes her. Make sure to say hi over the next few months, she has had a big impact as a facilitator and teacher at our school over the last 14 years. She has received many awards over her many years as a teacher. Her favorite sport is football, she loves German chocolate cake and popcorn. She loves to laugh, read and watch movies. She especially loves spending time with her family and traveling to see them. She may go on a cruise to Alaska this summer. We hope you do! Enjoy

Mrs. Wayment has also put in many years as a teacher and has taught other grades in addition to 5th. She loves the color Red, the book To kill a Mockingbird, and chocolate. She loves football and Italian food. She travels a lot with her husband and family in the summer and looks forward to relaxing on the beach. She can wiggle her eyeballs, wants to learn how to knit a snowhat and would love a self cleaning house. (wouldn't we all)

Mrs. Wilson has taught at our school 2 years and recently was awarded the Daily Herald "Educator of the Week" award. She is from Kansas City, MO and loves watching baseball especially the Royals and BYU football. Her favorite color is Pink and her favorite book is Frindle by Andrew Clements. She likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Diet Coke and Reeses's peanut butter cups. She enjoys baking and cooking, watching movies and reading. She is going to MO this summer to watchs some Royals games and visit family. She hopes to finally catch a foul ball at a game. (Good luck!)

Ms. Johnson has also taught at our school for 3 years and loves teaching. She is from Gilbert, AZ and graduated from BYU. She loves basketball, badminton, tennis and football. She loves the colors pink, navy and eating chocolate.  She hopes to go to the beach this summer and read a lot of books. She especially loves this time of year to quilt and enjoy the wonderful weather. We are lucky to have her here at Hobble Creek. She is always happy and has a fun, spunky personality.