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Teacher Spot Light Of The Week-6th Grade Team

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 11:44
Mrs. Liz Porter

Today we are spot lighting our Hobble Creek 6th grade team. Every student at Hobble Creek looks forward to their 6th grade year and the teacher they will get. Since all the teachers are equally fantastic it is never a dissappointment and all 6th graders enjoy being king of the hill so to speak! This being said, we are so sad to say good bye to Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Nissen and Mrs. Smith. Each are being taken in different directions next year and they will be missed. Mrs. Corfield will be staying! Yay!! Here are some interesting fact on all of them.

Mrs. Lisa Nissen says, "I'm a California native who feels like flip flops should be the only shoe to wear.  I have four children and all of them are Hobble Creek Hawks.  I love this school and wanted to give my two cents to the community by teaching.  I've been teaching sixth grade for seven years.  I graduated with my bachelors in elementary education in 1995 from BYU.  I love spending time with my husband and kids.  Some of my favorite trips include four-wheeling up at the Nissen family ranch in southeast Idaho." Mrs. Alisa Corfield says, "I have enjoyed teaching here at Hobble Creek for the past 2 years. Previously, I taught for 6 years in the Provo School District.  I grew up in Provo and now live in Springville.  I enjoy watching my students and own children learn and grow.  I am a BYU fan and enjoy traveling to exciting places with my family.  I have been married for 24 years and have 3 children.  I am excited to be returning to Hobble Creek next year." Mrs. Jayme Smith has taught sixth grade at Hobble Creek Elementary for all nine years of her teaching career. She has taught an estimated 250 kids over the years, and can still remember all of their names and loves hearing from them as they have grown older! Sadly, this will be her last year teaching at Hobble Creek so she can go and be "mom" instead of Mrs. Smith.  She is sad to leave, but is excited to start this new chapter of her life!" Some of Mrs. Smiths favorites are the color Black, Harry Potter, football and soccer. She loves to sleep in and would love to learn to hula dance. She likes all things cheese and going on vacation with her hubbie. Mrs. Alison Snow says she has enjoyed her time teaching children at Hobble Creek for the last 7 years.  She will be leaving Hobble Creek this year and wants to thank all who have been so kind and helpful throughout all the years spent here.  "It has been a joy to learn and grow with my students.  I will cherish many memories of amazing times had with awesome families, students, & faculty at Hobble Creek.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!" Mrs. Snow likes the colors blue and black, Harry Potter Illustrated edition, volleyball and vanilla cake. She loves soup, is really good at baking and cooking, loves to travel and visit new places. She would like to learn how to make blueberry pie and loves when people are nice to each other. Thank you to all of our 6th grade teacher who really have a hard job and work really hard each day to make sure the 6th graders will be ready to leave the nest!