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Dancing with GAINS (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools)

Submitted by leann.miller on Tue, 11/20/2018 - 15:23
Melanie Fillmore

Hobble Creek Elementary participates in the GAINS program (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools).  This year the art focus for the program is DANCE!  Students and teachers have been working this year with Melanie Fillmore, district dance specialist, on ways to integrate dance and movement to enhance learning.  Here are a couple of the things each grade has been up to!

1st grade:  Did you know that "Plants Can't Sit Still?"  It's true. They are always in motion and your first grader can show you!  In a different dance session, we also created partner dances to help reinforce the importance of transition words.

2nd grade: Different habitats each have their own unique features and animals.  We used different kinds of dance energies and styles to reflect the beauty of each habitat.  More recently, we experienced a Native American round dance or “friendship dance” together.

3rd grade:  3rd grade broke a few rules and danced all kinds of prepositions with their chairs!  On, across, under, next to, away from, over, etc.! Find a safe space and try it at home.   This last week we used scarves and ribbons to dance about homophones.

4th grade:  4th grade has been busy creating a fully choreographed piece representing the transcontinental railroad and it’s important role in Utah’s history!  They will be sharing this piece with parents at their upcoming Parents Social Dance Night!

Kindergarten, 5th and 6th grade will be working with the dance specialist next semester and will have other fun activities to report then!