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Water Bottle Service Project

Submitted by tori.bennett on Tue, 10/20/2020 - 13:22
Tori Bennett Photo: Linda Baird
Zoey Fluckiger (middle) pictured with her sisters who helped make the delivery Select NEXT for more photos --------->
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Sixth grader, Zoey Fluckiger from Mrs. Lopez class, completed an amazing service project for our school.  She was challenged to find acts of service she could perform and came up with this fun project.  Zoey donated 150 water bottles to Hobble Creek for students who may forget to bring one from home.  What made this extra special was each of the 150 water bottles had words of encouragement for its recipient. Fun things like: "Be The Best You!" "Keep Smiling" and "Do Kind Things".  What an amazing donation to our school! Thank you Zoey, for your awesome project.  We know our students will appreciate your words of encouragement and support.