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"If I were President, I would..."

Submitted by tori.bennett on Thu, 01/28/2021 - 12:16
Tori Bennett
"If I were President, I would..."
"Give money to the poor and for school and also things to hunt for food and give homes for them"
"Try to stop our wars and have world peace!"
"Go to every state and see if there is trouble"
"Never hurt anyone! and if anyone hurts someone else I would take away their weapon!"
"Want people that are poor to have a free house"
"I would unite black and white people together like Martin Luther King Jr. did."
"Have the White House painted red (my favorite color) and make slurping illegal."


With the recent inauguration of President Biden, Mrs. Garry's 3rd grade class answered the question:  "If I were Presdient, I would..."

Scroll through the pictures to see what a few of our 3rd graders would do if they were president.  If these kids are our future, we are in good hands.