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Discovering Our Community Art Project Part 1

Submitted by on Sun, 10/28/2012 - 15:20
Lora Schmidt weaving a story
Mrs. York's students
Spirit Bears
Hattie and Leonard Hatfield plowing
Mrs. McAfee's students
A Collection of Folk's Tales

Hobble Creek Elementary is the recipient of a grant from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and the National Endowment for the Arts.  During the week of October 22-26, storyteller Lora Schmidt worked with the third grade classes developing a three act play about the early days in our community.  The stories originated from  a book called Mapleton A Collection of Folks' Tales compiled by Erik Brinkerhoff and Keenan Cummings as an english class assignment.  Erik interviewed his grandparents and their colleagues some of whom have now passed away.

Act 1 played by Mrs. York's class told the story of the naming of Mount Flonette by the Native Americans who lived in the community.

Act 2 played by Miss Smith's class told the stories of Hattie Hatfield, Holley's store and the Easter tradition of making ice cream in the snow bank on Maple Mountain

Act 3 played by Mrs. McAfee's class told the story of creating entertainment in an age where technology was a threshing machine, and horses.  The circus acts where inventive and a good laugh was enjoyed by all. 

Lora Schmidt also told stories to each grade level in the Hawk's Nest. 

Part 2 of the art project will be November 3, 2012 at the dance and the Child international, (daCi) Utah Day of Dance.  Lora Schmidt and Hobble Creek Third Grade students will share their play with participants in the BYU Richards building at 8:30 am as an opening for the day of dance"Stories that Move Us".   Participants will make books, explore dramatic movement, make slam poetry, learn folk dance, create and perform a dance. 

Part 3 of the art project will be with photographer John Schaefer and the sixth grade in February 2013.