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Hobble Creek Students Nebo Elementary Debate Winners

Submitted by on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 15:53
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Hobble Creek 5th and 6th grade students participated in the Nebo School District Elementary Debate on March 20.  The debate was hosted by Hobble Creek and judged by students from springville High School, Maple Mountain High School and Salem Hills High School. 

Hobble Creek students who placed in the debate and will be going on to the state debate are: Canyon Rhatigan, Cameron Dorny 3rd place affirmative

Leah Ribble Bailey Monson 4th place affirmative

Mason Aviano, Porter Fairbourne 4th place Negative

Katie Rex Lilli Holmberg 5th place negative

Speaker ribbons were awarded to:  Lilli Holmberg, Smantha Smith, Cameron Dorny, Bailey Monson, Canyon Rhatigan

This year's resolution is: Resolved that the state of Utah substantially increase it's support of nuclear electrical generation within its borders.