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Linda Baird Receives the Spirit of the PTA Award

Submitted by on Mon, 02/24/2014 - 16:38
Alisa Corfield

The 6th grade orchestra performed for the gathered principals and PTA presidents. School secretary Linda Baird received the Spirit of the PTA Award at a meeting of the Springville/Mapleton PTA Council.

Here are some of the attributes that were mentioned in the award ceremony:  She is extremely organized!  She is supportive of the PTA . She helps with anything, school carnival, book fair, teaching new PTA board members how to send off copies, getting us supplies.  Not only physically supportive, but also emotionally supportive – always asking how things are going.  Anyone who walks into the office will see that she is always busy, efficiently using her time. One child summed it up well – She does everything for us. She can see when people are having a hard day and she tries to lift them up.  Mr. Johnson, our principal said, “Linda always thinks ahead and plans for anything that might come our way.  She helps the school run so smoothly each and everyday with a dedication and an amazing work ethic.  Linda truly makes a difference in the lives of people here at Hobble Creek.”