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Hobble Creek Hosts Nebo Elementary Debate

Submitted by on Wed, 03/26/2014 - 23:35
photos Marylynn Lewis
Affirmative Speaker Awards
Negative Speaker Awards

Ninety six students from Mapleton Elementary, Salem Elementary, Spanish Fork Jr. High, Brockbank Elementary and Hobble Creek Elementary debated three rounds on the issue: " Should the state of Utah ban plastic shopping bags and plastic bottles on Wednesday night. 

A huge thank you goes to the school and classes for opening up to host the event. 

The results of the debate for Hobble Creek students:

Alexis Thomson Shari Franke 4th place affirmative, Alexis Call Hanna Muzquiz 6th place affirmative

Alexi Corfield , Olivia Smith 3rd place negative, James Chamberlain Joseph Asay 4th place negative

speaker awards: Alexis Call Mary Kate Metler, Tim Barton, Kaitlyn Cragun, Hanna Muzquiz, Shari Franke,James Chamberlain, Olivia Smith Alexi Corfield, Jocelyn Southam , Yoshi Miyagi, Eric Tietjen, Jane Sweat.