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Hobble Creek District Debate Winners

Submitted by on Tue, 03/24/2015 - 21:52
affirmative 1-6 place winners
Negative 1-6 place winners
Negatvie speaker award winners
Affirmative speaker award winners

Hobble Creek Elementary Hosted the Nebo District Elementary Debate.  100 students from Hobble Creek, Mapleton Elementary, Salem Elementary, and Brockbank Elementary debated the resolution: Utah government should provide an incentive or tax credit to businesses who give their employees a public transit pass.

The Hobble Creek winners are:

Speaker awards: Chloe Ekker, Savannah McCulloch, Kylie Christensen, Mia Anderson, James Chamberlain, Brace Carter, Alyssa Walker, Annie Rex, Nathan Galbraith, Kylie Bennet, Alexis Call, Savanah Butler, Bronson Aviano, Olivia SmithBrooklyn Asbell, Kaylee Metler, Joseph Asay, Max Lee, Matthew Warren, Ethan Dorny, Austin Mertz, Libby Anderson, Ashleigh Mousser, Shyler Mecham, Katie Porter, Calire Nemelka, Dodge Fielding.Placing teams: 1st place affirmative: Savannah McCullouch, Kylie Christensen, 2nd place affirmative: Mia Anderson, Alyssa Walker, 3rd place affirmative: James Chamberlain, Nathan Galbraith, 6th place affirmative: Savanah Butler, Grace Carter1st place negative: Brooklyn Asbell, Kaylee Metler 3rd place Negative: Max Lee, Joseph Asay, 4th place negative Matthew Warren, Ethan Dorny, 6th place negative Shyler Mecham, Libby Anderson.