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Reflections at Hobble Creek

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 11/16/2011 - 14:32
Award of Excellence for 3D Art: Eliza Nemelka (6th grade), Sarah Cannon (2nd grade), Rylee Anderson (4th grade), Mikaela Hall (2nd grade), & Grace Poulsen (4th grade)
Award of Excellence for Film Production: Bryce Jameson (K), Annalyse Jameson (5th grade), & Chloe Hendry (5th grade)
Award of Excellence for Music Composition: Rylie Hinds (6th grade), Madelynn Smith (2nd grade), Samantha Smith (5th grade), & Timothy Barton (4th grade)
Award of Excellence for Visual Arts: Kaylee Metler (2nd grade), Gabriela Smith (5th grade), Alanna Hess (6th grade), Bobby Schneck (5th grade) & Walter Rose (K, not shown)
Award of Excellence in Dance: Tiffany Asay (6th grade), Audrey Green (2nd grade), Adyson Montgomery (5th grade), & McKenna Haynie (2nd grade)
Award of Excellence in Literature: (front) Keslee VanOrman (1st grade), Alexis Christensen (2nd grade), (back) Alta Fairbourne (3rd grade), Olivia Rose (5th grade), & Clay Wilson (6th grade)
Award of Excellence in Photography: Samara Lessley (6th grade), Ethan Flake (2nd grade), Gabriela Smith (5th grade), Avery Frischknecht (2nd grade), & Annalyse Jameson (5th grade)
2011 Award of Excellence Recipients

Reflections have been going on at Hobble Creek Elementary since the school started.  When Reflection time comes around each year the halls, classrooms and homes are buzzing with students discussing on what to do that year.  Reflections is an annual program that has been put on by the National PTA for 40 years.  It encourages students to display their artistic talents in different categories based on a national theme.  “Diversity means…” was the theme for this year.  Students can enter their talents into eight different categories (music, photography, visual arts, literature, dance, theatre, 3D and film and video).  The work turned in must be a student’s original work, so it gives them the opportunity to show off their talents.

All the entries go on display for students, parents, and the community to see and recognize the hard work and talents of each student.  The entries are judged made up of a committee that is not associated with the school.  This year the judging committee consisted of Arts Professors from BYU as well as Professional Artist from the community.  The judges give points to the entries in each categories based on the students’ interpretation of the theme, artistic merit/composition and creativity.  The entries with the highest scores are given awards.  This year there were 205 total entries for the judges to score.  It was a tough decision since Hobble Creek has so many talented students.  Reflections are a way for the students to express themselves and receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts.

Hobble Creek Elementary would like to thank all of the judges for their time and effort they put into scoring the entries, the community for participating and supporting the students and especially the students for all their hard work and sharing their talents with us.  Without the students and their talents, Reflections would not happen!