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Reaction Time With Clarke Planetarium, Hobble Creek 5th Graders

Submitted by liz.porter on Mon, 02/06/2017 - 10:25
Miss Sara Beth Johnson

Clarke Planetarium came to Hobble Creek last week and let the 5th grades experiment on reaction times of everyday, household ingreidents. Here is what two students said:

Sydney Jackson said:


I learned that baking soda and vinegar make foam. Fertilizer and vinegar makes the product so it”s hot.  Baking soda and cabbage juice makes it so it’s cold.  When we  put vinegar, baking soda, milk, fertilizer, cabbage juice, and fertilizer, it made purple foam, then it turned blue and red.  I liked the warm product the most.  My favorite part was mixing them all together.

Hallie Johnson reported:

I decided to give a review on Reaction time.  Reaction time is were a girl came from “Clark Planetarium” to teach all the 5th grade students a little about chemistry.  After she taught us what to do and what not to do we could go and explore on our own.  It was a fun 1 hour activity for us to do science and have fun.