Spotlight's Of The Week: Ms Tina Wilkinson, Mrs. Sharla Bohl, Mr. Josh Waters

Mrs. Liz Porter
Ms Wilkinson and Mrs. Bohl
Mr. Josh Water

We have outstanding teachers and technicians at Hobble Creek. This week the spotlight is on three of them, Ms. Tina Wilkinson & Mrs. Sharla Bohl in resource and Mr. Josh Waters in the preschool. Here are some fun facts about them:

Ms Wilkinson loves the color red and the book Chasing Redbird. She doesn't have a favorite sport! She does have a favorite candy, anything chocolate, loves to travel, go on cruises and go to disneyland and she loves telling jokes. Mrs. Bohl also likes the color red, the book To Kill a Mockingbird, and travel with her husband on their motocycle. She loves cheesecake, to read, crochet and garden and go on road trips on her motorcycle. She loves the beach, spending time with grandkids, and working with the students at Hobble Creek. It is a very rewarding job and she loves teaching. Mr. Winters is awesome in the preschool and will be missed as he moves on to new adventures. He loves the color blue, the Harry Potter books and soccer. He loves chocolate lava cake, french baguettes and organizing. He travels and enjoys different cultures, especially Brazil. He will pilot a helicopter one day and wishes he had enough money to travel the world.

Thank you to these wonderful gems here at Hobble Creek that help make our school one of the best in the district.