Mrs. Alison Snow Receives the Crystal Apple Award for 2017

Mr. Mike Johnson

The Crystal Apple Award is an "Excellence in Education" Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding individuals in the education field who are dedicated to the success of our students. Exceptional principals, assistant principals, teachers, classroom assistants, office and school staff in our communities deserve recognition and praise for their hard work in schools each and every day. The Crystal Apple Awards are a way to show appreciation to these individuals.

Our own 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Alison Snow, received the award on Monday. She is a very deserving recipiant of the award this year. Mrs. Snow works hard and puts in many extra hours preparing her lesson plans and teaching her students. She is a positive role model here at Hobble Creek for all the students and we all look up to her, literally!

Thanks for all you do Mrs. Snow to make your classroom and our school one of the best in the state! We appreciate you and your efforts on behalf of students. By the way, teacher appreciation week is next week here at Hobble Creek and at Mapleton Jr. High School. The teachers and staff would love to hear any words of appreciation you might offer.