November 11, 2011 Students of the Week

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The pictured students were Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK for November 11, 2011:  Emilie Mertz, Abby Thomas, Esther Darby, Robby Lape, Brynlee Stepp, Wyatt  Thomas, Annika Vorkink, Jane Winward, Bryant Gallagher, Grace Dawe, Cooper Magleby, Spencer Winward, Bryon Reese, Brenden Dusenberry, Kayla Bennett, Asher Hunt, Elizabeth Rex, Nick Wheeler, Sol Quackenbush, Brianna Sorenson, Eliza Nemelka, and Tiffany Asay

Reflections at Hobble Creek

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Reflections have been going on at Hobble Creek Elementary since the school started.  When Reflection time comes around each year the halls, classrooms and homes are buzzing with students discussing on what to do that year.  Reflections is an annual program that has been put on by the National PTA for 40 years.  It encourages students to display their artistic talents in different categories based on a national theme.  “Diversity means…” was the theme for this year.  Students can enter their talents into eight different categories (music, photography, visual arts, literature, dance, theatre, 3D and film and video).  The work turned in must be a student’s original work, so it gives them the opportunity to show off their talents.

All the entries go on display for students, parents, and the community to see and recognize the hard work and talents of each student.  The entries are judged made up of a committee that is not associated with the school.  This year the judging committee consisted of Arts Professors from BYU as well as Professional Artist from the community.  The judges give points to the entries in each categories based on the students’ interpretation of the theme, artistic merit/composition and creativity.  The entries with the highest scores are given awards.  This year there were 205 total entries for the judges to score.  It was a tough decision since Hobble Creek has so many talented students.  Reflections are a way for the students to express themselves and receive positive recognition for their artistic efforts.

Hobble Creek Elementary would like to thank all of the judges for their time and effort they put into scoring the entries, the community for participating and supporting the students and especially the students for all their hard work and sharing their talents with us.  Without the students and their talents, Reflections would not happen!

November 4, 2011 Students of the Week

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The pictured students were Hobble Creek Elementary's Students of the Week on November 4, 2011:  Katherine Fisher, Maren Porter, Paityn Bird, Siri Schneck, Brynlee Stepp, Julia Hart, Zoie Frisby, Rylan Taylor, Warren Finlaysen, Ethan Lewis, Joshua Fielding, Lexie Warren, Madison Henderson, Aubrey Nissen, Timothy Shorts, Samantha Strunk, Kyle Chen, Clayton Dean, Jackson Littledike, Lauren Brunt, Jacob Myers, and Jacob Nelson.

Halloween at Hobble Creek

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On October 31, 2011 the halls were a scary site at Hobble Creek Elementary.  There were witches, goblins, monsters, pirates and much more rooming the halls.  The students and teachers had fun showing off their creative costumes to each other as well as the parents during the Halloween Parade.  The students and faculty marched down the halls and throughout the gym while parents and peers were watching the parade come by.  It was a great site.  But beware if you come to Hobble Creek, you might get nabbed by one of these creatures!

The Living Planet Aquarium with 4th Graders

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Hobble Creek Elementary 4th graders got a real treat on Tuesday, October 18.  The Living Planet Aquarium came and talked about different aspects of science.  Each 4th grade class was able to meet with the instructors individually.  The "Water Van", as we call it, comes each year with models of the water cycle and the uses of water.  These two models are awesome because they actually rain.  Water also moves through them to show how it creates electricity and waters our crops, to name just a few of the things that the models do.  The Aquarium also brings some of their living animals when they come to the school.  This year they brought a tiger salamander, garter snake and a toad.  This was a real learning experience for everyone in fourth grade!

Welcome New Faculty Members!

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This year Hobble Creek welcomes the following people to our faculty: Crystal Christensen, Robyn Gleaves, Sarah Willie, Lauri Brindley, Kara Bake, Holly Markgraf-Mayne, and Amanda Cottle.

The Tempest

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On Tuesday May 17 nine sixth grade students performed an adapted version of Shakespeare's
"The Tempest"   at  2:00 and 7:30 .  The students have been rehearsing once a week for most of
the school year.  They signed an agreement to commit to professional standards which they honored
by memorizing their lines and supporting each other.  Carol Day was the director.

4th Grade Dance Night

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Wednesday night, May 18th, was the 4th Grade Dance Night.  Boys from the 4th grade came with their mother, grandmother, aunt or sister and danced with them for an hour.  Then the girls from the 4th grade came with their father, grandfather, uncle, or brother and danced with them for an hour.  They did line dances, square dances, and much more.  That night as well as for the past months, the students have been learning the dances from Heather Hughes so that they would be tied to the 4th grade Social Studies and Fine Arts Curriculum as well as the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program.

6th Grade Orchestra Concert

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Thirty seven students under the direction of Jessica Knight performed a year end concert Thursday night May 19.  The orchestra played sixteen songs which ranged  from classical Beethoven and Pachelbel to folk  " Cripple Creek" Western " The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and Celtic " Irish Washerwoman"  Mrs. Knight played two accompanied solos, one while she was clogging.  The students appreciate the great start to a life long music habit that Mrs. Knight has established .

5th Grade Honor Roll

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Hobble Creek Elementary had 49 students from the 5th grade that earned honor roll this year!  To earn honor roll, the students had to complete 12 projects out of a list of 21.  Some of the projects included:  memorizing the presidents in order, auditioning for a play, completing an ancestor report, making a PowerPoint of a concept they learned in school this year, learning and displaying a new skill or craft, and filling in a blank map with all 50 state names, their capitals and their abbreviations.  The students that got honor roll were:

  1. Tiffany Asay
  2. Marissa Betts
  3. Kylie Beutler
  4. Caleb Brown
  5. Lauryn Brunt
  6. Kiana Campbell
  7. Tanner Cannon
  8. Shaelyn Christensen
  9. Julia Dean
  10. Kylie Diamond
  11. Luke Durden
  12. Tanner Edmonds
  13. Kendall Flake
  14. Megan Griffitts
  15. Matthew Grimshaw
  16. Rebekah Hair
  17. Nathaniel Hales
  18. Jaron Hall
  19. Brylee Hanks
  20. Alanna Hess
  21. Morgan Homer
  22. Sarah Jensen
  23. Jacob Johnson
  24. Marcus Krommenhoek
  25. Garrett Lindsey
  26. Jackson Littledike
  27. Sophie McCausland
  28. Jason Metler
  29. Aubrey Mitton
  30. Jacob Myers
  31. Eliza Nemelka
  32. Asha Peterson
  33. Maren Pilcher
  34. Jonathan Porter
  35. Daylen Rasmussen
  36. Philip Richey
  37. Owen Rowe
  38. Brianna Sorenson
  39. Madison Sorenson
  40. Jacob Tietjen
  41. Brinley Tucker
  42. Elizabeth Vorkink
  43. Rachel Wall
  44. Austin Warren
  45. Cate Wayment
  46. Tahlia White
  47. Bailey Williams
  48. Jackson Williams
  49. Camille Wirthlin