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Teacher Wish Lists 2022

Below are links to Teacher Wish Lists


Mike Sorensen
Linda Baird
Karen Warren
Janna Runolfson
Michelle Waite
Allie Bailey
Shelly Smith

1st Grade  
Crystal Hayes
Joy Christensen

Stephanie Westercamp

Trudy Sayers
2nd Grade  
Esther Hill
Elyse Delahunty
Linda Pugh
3rd Grade  
Holly Brunt
Lisa Nissen
Jade Muhlestein
Amanda Flake
4th Grade  
Kiley Adams
Cathy Condie
Tami Johnson
5th Grade  
Kaitlynn Leifson
Maria Lopez
Janessa Olsen
Rachel Willes
Amy Etherington
Cassi Gulley
Cathy Gleason
Jill McGeehan
Kandice Moss
Kim Clyde
Lindsey Conrad
Maxine Parry
Rachel Sturgis
Sylvia Williams
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