February 2017

Hobble Creek Students of the Week: February 24, 2017

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The Hobble Creek Students of the Week for February 24, 2017 are:

Sheldon Washington, Tempest Holm, Xavier Hassell, Henry Rich, Ryker Porter, Chase Gressman, Bridger Frischknecht, Presley Bird, Peyton White, Kira Crandall, Ava Mabry, Isabella Properzi, Kavika Bringhurst, Aiden Diamond, Mickey Torgerson, Jessica Lloyd, Elsa McCown, and Jaedan Anderson

Great job Hawks. We think you are awesome!

Mrs. Liz Porter

Local Cub Scouts Pick Up Trash At Hobble Creek Elementary

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A local group of cub scout boys helped make our school look great last week by picking up lots of trash around Hobble Creek. Den leader, Mrs. Jeanine Lewis, and her scouts did a great job and we appreciate the hard work her scouts gave in keeping our school looking great!

Mrs. Jeanine Lewis

Hobble Creek Students of the Week: February 17, 2017

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Take a look at these Hobble Creek Students of the Week for February 17, 2017. They have worked really hard the last few weeks and are being recognized for outstanding behavior and school work. Way to "Soar" students.

Hadleigh Sorenson, Kerehi Kaanga, Jacob Hill, Sofia Lowe, Payson Pratt, Matthew van der Horst, Annie Buehler, Harrison White, Waimea Elkingtron, Alyssa Cragun, Eric Roberts, Jameson Hess, Hallie Johnson, Gideon Berry, Avery Sorensen, Jayne Allen, Sophie Dungan, Isabelle Moosman, Cutler Christensen, and Cooper Seamons

Mrs. Linda Baird

Seven Hobble Creek Hawks Are District Science Fair Winners

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We had amazing success at the district science fair last night for our Hobble Creek Hawks. 7 students were selected to continue on to the regional science fair at BYU. These students are:

Chad Franke, Paityn Bird, Lydia Templeman, Lily Peay, Jackson Kunz, Megan Smith, and Ann Sneddon.

Good luck Hawks

Mrs. Liz Porter

Hobble Creek Students of the Week: February 10, 2017

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We have another great group of students this week that made the "students of the week" list. Great going Hawks

Jimmer Rees, Taylor Barton, Ethan Jones, Ava Merrell, Michael Leck, Teegan Anderson, Chantel Wall, Winter McKell, Jasie Hawkes, Beau Jensen, Olivia Smith, Izabel Petersen, Jevan Theobald, Parker Henderson, Nathan Nelson and Jackson Kunz.

We think you guys are awesome! Keep up the great work

Mrs. Linda Baird

Red Ribbon Week In Full Swing At Hobble Creek This Week

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This week has been a very busy one for Hobble Creek Students. They are learning a lot about ways to be drug free and the importance of making good choices while having a lot of fun. Monday we kicked off the week with a really fun assembly with a professional story teller, Wendy Gourley on making great choices. Tuesday the students were all wearing red and Clifford the dog made an appearance, Wednesday the students wore their favorite sports team, and today they are having fun with crazy hat, hair or sock day and signing their pledge to be drug free. Make sure to ask your students what they think and understand about being drug free, how you can make a committment as a family to be drug free and the importance of making smart choices.

#redribbonweek #preventioniskey #toomanylivesaffected



Mrs. Liz Porter

BYU Young Company Performs Shakespeare's Macbeth Today

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Hobble Creek 4, 5, and 6th grades were able to watch a part of Shakespeare's Macbeth be performed live today by BYU's Young Company. Make sure to ask your children what they thought, how they interacted with the performers and if they are excited to read the rest of the story!

Mrs. Liz Porter

Reaction Time With Clarke Planetarium, Hobble Creek 5th Graders

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Clarke Planetarium came to Hobble Creek last week and let the 5th grades experiment on reaction times of everyday, household ingreidents. Here is what two students said:

Sydney Jackson said:


I learned that baking soda and vinegar make foam. Fertilizer and vinegar makes the product so it”s hot.  Baking soda and cabbage juice makes it so it’s cold.  When we  put vinegar, baking soda, milk, fertilizer, cabbage juice, and fertilizer, it made purple foam, then it turned blue and red.  I liked the warm product the most.  My favorite part was mixing them all together.

Hallie Johnson reported:

I decided to give a review on Reaction time.  Reaction time is were a girl came from “Clark Planetarium” to teach all the 5th grade students a little about chemistry.  After she taught us what to do and what not to do we could go and explore on our own.  It was a fun 1 hour activity for us to do science and have fun.   



Miss Sara Beth Johnson

Hobble Creek Students of the Week: February 3, 2017

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Look at these Hobble Creek Hawks. They are the students of the week for February 3, 2017. You are working hard and trying your best. Way to go!

Julia Properzi, Thomas Jensen, Missy Nelson, Cohen Sonnenberg, Lucy Carter, Carson Magleby, Abigail Wright, Olivia Kunz, Brighton Thompson, Anna Griffitts, Austin Barlow, Bryce Jameson, Joanna McClellan, Nathan Anderson, Ryann Haveron, Savannah Nuttal, Samantha Haslem, Matthew Haderlie, and Christopher Toro

Mrs. Liz Porter