November 2017

Indian Heritage

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The Wilber Family shared its Indian heritage with the school.

Fantastic Broadway Review!

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Mrs. Fish did an amazing job directing these talented students!!

Sara Beth Johnson

Blue Ribbon Week

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We had a "Stand for Kindness" assembly with a band and professional BMX riders performing and teaching about including others, being kind, and respecting others.

Mike Johnson

Teamwork Towers

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On Friday, November 3rd, Mrs. Brunt's class earned a class compliment party. We decided to have a straw tower building contest. In teams of 5, students had the task of building the tallest, free standing structure using straws and connectors. It was a very close race and the students learned that a large, solid base and teamwork were very important in being successful. These third graders had fun and are looking forward to the next challenge. 

Holly Brunt