January 2019

Congratulations Third Math Olympiad Contest Top Scorers!

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Hobble Creek's Math Olympiad team does it again!  With an average team score of 3.7 out of 5 on the toughest contest so far, our students show that they aren't afraid of even the most difficult math problems! Shout out to the top two scorers, 6th grader Ashley H. and 4th grader George B. They got all 5 questions correct.  Runner-ups were, 6th graders Auralee S., and Yuki I., and 5th graders Braden S., and Sadie B. with 4 of the 5 correct. Hobble Creek Elementary team, consisting of the top 10 scores through the first three contests, now has 104 out of 150 points.  That's fantastic!

Brian Boring

BYU Cougar Strong Dunk Team and Cosmo!

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Our Red Ribbon Week was a great success with students pledging to be drug free by participating in all of the activities during the week.  In our Assembly we had a visit from the BYU Cougar Strong program and the BYU Dunk Team with Cosmo as their special guest.  Along with jumping high into the air, doing flips and dunking the basketball, they taught us about how to be Mentally Strong, Socially Strong and Physically Strong! 

Cathy Gleason