Heather Hughes: Teaching Artist at Hobble Creek Elementary

Submitted by sabrina.huyett on Wed, 01/19/2011 - 20:49
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Miss Hughes is a talented dancer who teaches movement at Hobble Creek Elementary. She
works along side the classroom teachers to reinforce learning from all areas of the curriculum through movement. Students understand core subjects better and attendance increases as a result . “A powerful educational truth is that children who have exposure to the arts as part of their curriculum outperform their counterparts on an academic level by 18 to 27 percent on standardized testing. What’s more, these “arts-rich” students show increased levels of creativity, confidence and self-esteem, which may prove to be the most valuable long-term assets of their educations.” www.artworkforkids.org/get-inspired/statistics

The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program provides the funds to have Miss Hughes in our school. Without your help, our school is in danger of losing Miss Hughes due to budget cuts by the Utah Legislature. Please allow your voice to be heard about the importance of saving this extraordinary educational program for the benefit of our schools and our children.

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