Talent Show Schedule

Submitted by sabrina.huyett on Tue, 02/08/2011 - 13:42

Wednesday Talent Night

1.      Maren Pilcher-             Piano Piece

2.      Sophie Richardson-    Valentine Poetry

3.       Stuart Richardson-     Contortionist

4.      Grace Poulsen-             Dance

5.      Heather Woolf-         Song

6.      2nd and 3rd Grade Teachers-  Funny Skit 

7.      KC Rose                          Vocal Performance/With Dancers 

8.     10kids  ----  Glee club skit  Luke Cranmer, Jackson Murphy, Cole Porter ,Max Nadauld,  Alli Elmont, Emery Murphy ,           Taylor Health, Olivia LesLie, Gracen Chiniquy,   McKenna Hixson                                                                                        

9.      Heidi Fry                           Ballet dance

10.  McKenna Hixson                     Vocal Performance 

11.   Isabella Hixson---                    Vocal Performance 

12.  Janet  Sant----                       Recitation “Yertyle the Turtle”

13.  Kristin Ontiveros            Musical Performance   

14.  McKenna Haynie---       Piano Solo

15.  Garrett Haynie    --                  Piano Solo “Arranged by Garrett”

16.  Mark Kate Metler & Olivia Penrod—          Violin Duet

17.  Canyon Rhatigan            Native American hoop dance

18.  Mikelle Anguiano                         Dance

19.  Christian Green                             Martial Arts

20.  Audrey Green                             Ballet

21.  Taya Hoover                             Firework Dance

22.    Hanna & Siri Schneck              Sing/Dance

23.  Abbiei Cannon                             Piano Solo

24.  Jaron &Caden Hall                    Duet “God Bless the USA”

25.  Mikaela Hall                            Dance “ When will my life Begin”

26.  Timothy Hart                                   Banjo Rolls

27.  Julia Hart                                    Vocal Performance

28.  Riley Anderson                          Fortune Telling

29.  Tai Nui White                           Pogo Stick Act

30.  Tahlia &Sydney White           Polynesian Dance




  Thursday Talent Night

1.      Stan Littlefield                               Skit

2.      Hailey Robison                              Piano solo

3.      Hunter Robison                          Poem

4.      Libby Anderson                      Piano

5.      Tina Wilkinson                        Story time

6.       Kaia Lowe                            Musical Number

7.      Sarah Black                         Lyrical dance

8.      Jaxon Hals& Jeremy Lewis                 Skit

9.      Annika Christensen                                 Dance

10.  Madison ,Makenzi&Andrew Jensen       Jokes

11.  Abbie Rowe                                   vocal performance

12.  Eve call                                        Tap dDance

13.  Libee Hanks              Piano Solo

14.  Student council           Skit (McKay Kriser, Taggart Durrant, Mitchell Knudsen, Wyatt Livinggston, Brinley Nelson, Dylan Carter, Jake Anderson, Andrew Knowlton)

15.  Shaylynn Swenson                             Song

16.   Clay Wilson                       Reciting MacBeth

17.  Tiffany Asay                                Piano Recital

18.  Amalyse Jameson                        Movie

19.  Avery Miller                                  Violin Solo    

20.  Cierra Relyea             Vocal Performance 

21.  Natalie Hales                             Piano Solo

22.   Allyson Fullmer & Brylee Hanks      Vocal Duet

23.    Jared Jameson                  Movie

24.  Owen & Principal Rowe                      Piano Duet

25.  Morgan Weight                             Burping the ABC’s

26.  Kylie Swenson                       Gymnastics

27.  Allison & Kaylin                             Dance   ????? no contact??

28.  BaileyWilliams & Emily Hemstreet          Dance Duet