Farewell Mr. Johnson!

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On Wednesday, January 13th, we said our goodbyes to Mr. Johnson. Our day started with a school wide Zoom call for all students and teachers. Mr. Johnson spoke to the students and helped them understand that sometimes principals and teachers move to different places, just like kids move to different grades. He reviewed the book he introduced at the beginning of the year (The Invisible Boy) and reminded the students to be kind to each other and to welcome our new principal, Mr. Sorensen. It was a fun way for Mr. Johnson to speak with all the students. Mr. Johnson didn't know what the students had planned for him later that day!

Later that afternoon, students secretly left their classrooms for a surprise parade for Mr. Johnson. Each student was given a wooden heart that they wrote their names on and decorated. As the parade passed by Mr. Johnson, the kids dropped their hearts into a basket and told Mr. Johnson goodbye. Mr. Johnson was touched and surprised at this sweet gesture from his students. We would like to thank our amazing PTA for putting together this fun farewell and for the beautiful keepsake they helped our students create. But the surprises didn't end there.....

As the day was coming to an end, Mr. Johnson was visited by the previous and current PTA presidents that served with him over the last 8+ years at Hobble Creek. Our PTA has been so grateful for all the support they have received from Mr. Johnson. This year has been quite different for the PTA where most activities and programs have had to be scaled back or canceled altogether. Mr. Johnson has helped the PTA find ways to work within Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines where possible. We are grateful for his years of continued support of the PTA organization and the great parent volunteers throughout the years.

The day ended with one last surprise from the faculty and staff of Hobble Creek Elementary. Mr. Johnson was presented with some Sage Creek "swag" to help him get ready for his new assignment along with a stack of thank you cards and a beautiful quilt that was embroidered with the school name and dates. He will be greatly missed.

Many students have passed through the halls of Hobble Creek over the last 8+ years and we are grateful for Mr. Johnson's dedication to the parents, students, faculty and staff.  Farewell Mr. Johnson, and good luck at Sage Creek!


Tori Bennett