March 2014

It Pays to Read


Hobble Creek students surpassed their reading goal and found out that it does Pay to Read at an assembly March 31.  The PTA organized an reading incentive program that came to an exciting conclusion.  At the assembly celebrity guest included Jeff Griffin, Greek Para-Olympian, five basket ball players from Springville High and Maple Mountain High, and Screech the Hawk.  

Kindy 500

Whitney Anderson

Hobble Creek kindergarten students traveled the US in the halls of the school riding their custom made vehicles. 

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, March 28, 2014

Linda Baird photo

 Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, March 28, 2014:  Emma Snapp, Summer Jenni, Tatum Fish, Briance Terpenning, Marcus Croft, Easton Mousser, Jared Hardy, Keslee Van Orman, Porter Harrison, Robert Hagen, Lucas McMaster, Whitney McCluskey, Isaac Harkness, Alexis Thomson, Michael Hair, Tai Nui White, Mason Aviano, and Jacey Cardon.

Hobble Creek Hosts Nebo Elementary Debate

photos Marylynn Lewis

Ninety six students from Mapleton Elementary, Salem Elementary, Spanish Fork Jr. High, Brockbank Elementary and Hobble Creek Elementary debated three rounds on the issue: " Should the state of Utah ban plastic shopping bags and plastic bottles on Wednesday night. 

A huge thank you goes to the school and classes for opening up to host the event. 

The results of the debate for Hobble Creek students:

Alexis Thomson Shari Franke 4th place affirmative, Alexis Call Hanna Muzquiz 6th place affirmative

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, March 14, 2014

Linda Baird

The pictured students were Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, March 14, 2014:  Abigale Guertler, Alyssa Cragen, Jared Garrett, Ella Dawe, Mitchell Holman, Easton Mecham, Rebekah Wall, Chad Franke, Paityn Bird, Elsa McCown, Kaylee Metler, Ethan Anderson, Annika Henderson, Jocelyn Southam, Caitlynne Jenni, Nicole Noorda, Kennedy Huston, and Olivia Nilsson.


Mr. Johnson

 BYU department of Theatre came to Hobble Creek to present Shakespeare’s action-packed romance gets the double treatment (and a happy ending!) in two special adaptations for young people: fairy tale Exploring the Bard’s themes of mistaken identity, innocence wronged, and jealousy, Cymbeline tells the story of a princess in a pickle, her banished husband, a villainous queen, and lots of mayhem in Britain. Students were given the opportunity to  participate !

STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, March 7, 2014


Hobble Creek Elementary's STUDENTS OF THE WEEK on Friday, March 7,  2014:  Lucy McCown, David Jensen, Ellie Jensen, Madison Holman, Sydney Jackson, Kari Bataluna, Kendall Coleman, Miles Brown, Michaela Pendleton, Samantha Brady, Max Knowlton, Brock Sundet, Alexis Call, Riley Wolfgramm, Kylee Howell, Madison Henderson, and Olivia Nilsson.