October 2018

Mrs. Brunt's Third-Graders Are Star Wars Break Out Champions!

Holly Brunt

Mrs. Brunt's 3rd grade class was able to participate in a fun Star War's themed "Breakout" activity on October 17th. Using clues and puzzles from around the room, the students had to work in teams to successfully unlock 5 locks and "Breakout" in the allotted time. Not only did the students have a great time, but they learned about collaboration, communication and critical thinking. 

Flu & Vaccination Clinic Open to Everyone!

See the nebo.edu website for complete information. The dates and times are below.

October 8th, Mapleton Senior Ctr. 1-4 pm,125 W Comm. Way, Mapleton

October 11th, Santaquin Senior Ctr. 11-1 pm, 45 W 100 S, Santaquin

October 15th, Spanish Fork Senior Center 12:30-3 pm, 167 W Center, SF

October 16, Diamond Fork Junior High 1:30-5 pm, 50 N 900 E, Spanish Fork

October 29th, Cherry Creek Elementary 1-5 pm, 484 S 200 E, Springville

October 30th, Park View Elementary  1-5 pm, 360 S 100 E, Payson