Maple Mountain Baseball Visited The 5th Grade Hobble Creek Classes Yesterday

Miss Sara Beth Johnson
Maple Mountain Baseball Team 2016
2017 Maple Mountain Baseball Team


A Hugh Thank You to the Maple Mountain Baseball players who took time to visit our school and introduce theirselves yesterday. They helped out the 5th graders with their book club and were an audiance for their play.  Here is what two of the students had to say about their visit.

A Fun Time With Baseball Players

By: Rebekah Wall

The Maple Mountain baseball team came into our classroom and helped us with our book clubs.  Each group had two baseball players help them.  They introduced themselves and then we introduced ourselves.  We introduced our book to them.  We then answered several questions and set goals for our book.  We had lots of fun with the Maple Mountain baseball team!


This was such a fun experience to have some guests come to my classroom.  My class has been working on a Revolutionary War play.  We finally had an audience to perform in front of.  Although it was a bit distracting because we have never had an audience to perform in front of besides our class.  It was great. The baseball players seemed to really like our play.  I really recommend them to come again.  This was so much fun!

-Ellie Jenkins