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McAfee's Moustaches

Submitted by on Thu, 03/10/2016 - 20:29
photos Mrs. McAfee

Mrs. McAfee's class had a Mustache Day on Thursday, Mar. 10, for no other reason than someone had the idea, others thought it sounded fun, they begged (a lot!) and Mrs. McAfee finally caved! She allowed the student to earn Mustache Day through excellent behavior, 

Mustache puns or jokes from today: "I mustache you all to smile for the picture!" "Officer! Mr. Littlefield! Will you and your mustaches join us for a photo? Now, now, don't be bristly! It will only shave a few minutes of your productivity today!" "Oh, I mustache across the room to my computer and enter our lunch count!" My mustache is sort of itchy! "Ah, now, keep a stiff upper lip!" "What do you call a secret herd of cows? A Mooostache!"