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Michael's Golden Rules

Submitted by sabrina.huyett on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 15:55

Hobble Creek's principal, Mr. Johnson, is sharing a picture book by Michael Jordan to bring the school community together as a team of winners.  In the introduction of the book Michael Jordan writes,"regardless of what game you endeavor to play, when it is over,if you know that you have put your heart into it, given your very best, and had fun along the way, you are a winner.  I've learned it takes heart to come out a winner every time,whether you win or lose."
      Each classroom has a copy of the book.  Each grade level is meeting with Mr. Johnson to talk about the Teamwork Golden Rules:
1. Know the game.
2. Pay attention to the coach at all times.
3. Know your opponent.
4. Be a team player.
5. Practice a winning attitude.
6. Find out what you do best.
7. Find out what you need to work on.
8. Practice, practice, practice.
9. Learn from your mistakes.
10. Have fun!