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Mr. Eric Gappmayer

Submitted by liz.porter on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 12:41
Liz Porter

Mr. Gappmayer has been a counselor at Hobble Creek for over 9 years. He splits his time between our school and Brookside Elementary. He has 5 children of his own and loves to listen to and help all students. He spends a lot of his time here at Hobble Creek in our classrooms teaching character ed. He also teaches good behavior and friendship skills to our students.  

Mr. Gappmayer likes the color orange. His favorite book is the Lightning Thief. He likes the cartoon character Goofy. His favorite sport is Basketball. His favorite cake is strawberry and he LOVES ice cream. He's really good at fixing things. He likes to ride 4-wheelers and dance to the chicken dance. His favorite thing to do ever is to go fishing and catch fish. He wants to learn how to fix cars and he wishes drinking fountains had drink options.