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Mrs. Gleason Helps us Cross the Street Safely

Submitted by on Wed, 12/31/2014 - 15:57
Mrs. Gleason

Every morning and afternoon of every school day Mrs. Gleason is at the corner to help students cross 1200 North safely. She has been at her post for twelve years. Mrs. Gleason has three rules to make sure of the safe crossings: 1. Wait for Mrs. Gleason to signal you to come across. 2. Do not follow her out into the street 3. Get off your scooter, board or bike and walk across the street. All of the Mapleton crossing guards have a meeting with the Mapleton Police twice a year, she is part of a city wide effort .
Mrs. Gleason thinks that Hobble Creek students are respectful and are the best students. She likes her job and wants to stay at her post helping the students on their way home safely.