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Tina Wilkinson is the Crystal Apple Teacher of the Year

Submitted by on Sat, 02/27/2016 - 12:28
Text by Mrs. McAfee, Photo Mr. Johnson

Tina Wilkinson has been recognized by her fellow teachers as Hobble Creek 
Elementary School’s 2015-16 Crystal Apple Teacher of the Year. 

Tina earned degrees in special education and elementary education from BYU and a master’s degree in education from SUU. She certified in the Wilson Language Program through the University of Utah. Tina has taught 18 years, two at Park View Elementary in Payson, three at Mapleton Elementary and thirteen at Hobble Creek. She is one of Hobble Creek’s original staff members!  Tina loves interacting with kids and making them laugh. She takes pleasure in the funny things they say. It’s gratifying for her to see her students’ progress over time from their initial placement. Because progress for her students can be slow, Tina plays a unique role in her students’ lives, remaining a constant from year to year, even as most other things change. She especially loves it when a student progresses further than she believed was possible. 

           What does Tina do when she’s not working? Tina LOVES sleeping-in, though she rarely has the opportunity to do it because she works at the temple on Saturday mornings. Her hobbies are counted cross-stitch, rose and vegetable gardening, going on walks, and spoiling her nieces. (She has no nephews). Her youngest niece is 7 months old and her family lives with Tina, so she enjoys going home to baby smiles.

Those who nominated Tina said, 

 “Tina works so very hard every day to help wonderfully challenging students and she does it with a smile.” 
 “Tina gives endless service, working withsome of the toughest students. She comes up with hope for kids when parents, students and even the regular teacher may run out [of it.]”  

 “Tina serves all of us. She comes to the rescue anytime we need help with our low students. She is a talented lady.” 

 “Tina helps so many students and teachers. She’s so patient and resourceful!”