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Nebo Foundation Grant Ukeleles!

Submitted by on Tue, 12/09/2014 - 20:31

Hobble Creek music teacher, Mrs. Keliiliki, wrote in a grant to the Nebo Foundation for a class set of ukeleles:  

"The ukulele is an affordable instrument that can be used to foster music literacy in the classroom setting. It is fun and simple to play, inexpensive, portable, and suited to any style of music. The ukulele will allow the children to explore elements of music including melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, dynamics, and tone. 

With the ukulele, I will be able to focus on several areas of coordination and skill including: singing while 
playing the instrument (something that recorders do not allow), picking, strumming, ear training/tuning, sight-reading, improvising, music theory, harmonizing, arranging and more. 
Introducing my students to the artistry, beauty, and sound of the Hawaiian ukulele has always been a dream of mine as an educator. I appreciate and concur with the words of J. Chalmers Doane:
“It makes no difference what instrument you choose- recorder, trumpet, piano, bass, guitar, mandolin; none 
can compare with the ukulele as a means of music education in our schools.”

Thank you Nebo foundation!!!